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The WISH List

Filed under: Local Politics, Media

August is a sleepy month, unless you’re a politician facing a primary in September or a political junkie who can’t stop handicapping the races.

If you’re one of those junkies—and if you hold your nose and read Joe Illuzzi more than once a week (no link; you know the way), then you know that you are—then you’re not interested in reading a candidate’s sanctioned site. You don’t want press releases and bromides. You don’t care about Michele Iannello’s 40 ideas in 40 days. (Why stop at the primary, Michele? Why not a good idea every day even when no election looms?)

You want the kind of analysis that’s often served anonymously, as at What the Sam Hoyt? (or WISH), a new blog whose author says “The City of Buffalo is in a dangerous position. Our new County Executive is openly hostile to the city, the Assembly Speaker is a downstater, and the new Majority Leader of the Senate is from Long Island…It’s time to hold our State Leadership to a higher standard…As we’re starting during the political season, we’ll also be pointing out hypocrisy and the generally bad ideas that come out of campaigns around this time.”

Godspeed, WISH.

  • joe

    Don’t forget Chris Collins was over hears saying “there wasn’t supposed to be a middle class, it just gets in the way” at a fancy restaurant a few mmonths ago. He uses threats and intimidation tactics like every so-so idiot republican does…Hazardous waste?

  • Joe 14216

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