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Stillwater (Not) Shut Down (After All)

Today at 2pm, the Common Council will vote on whether to issue a permit to the Stillwater for a patio. The proposed patio, which will face onto Virginia Place, has been adamantly opposed by immediate neighbors and activists throughout Allentown, many of whom have fought nightclub patios in their own backyards. The city’s Preservation Board and Planning Board opposed the patio permit, as did the Allentown Association.

But Ellicott District Councilmember has kept the issue alive and called for today’s special vote. Which is curious, since he doesn’t have the votes to win the patio permit for Stillwater.

It’s even more curious because yesterday the city’s inspections department issued this cease and desist letter, yanking Stillwater’s conditional certificate of occupancy and operating license, due to a failure to comply with the conditions upon which they were issued. The city gave Stillwater a day of grace to address the six unnamed conditions

UPDATE: The Common Council received and filed the permit application—which tranlsates as “This place may not be open when the recess is over, so let’s not do anything now and see what happens.” (In fact, the Council received and filed nearly everything on today’s agenda, even change orders on contracts for ongoing projects.)

The problems that Stillwater did not take care of seem to be: door identification (maybe an exit sign?); certifying glass on the fourth floor; a ceiling in the coat room; a third floor circuit box that needed a lock; a new fire door needed at the rear entrance. Inspectors have visited the restaurant six times since Apri and failed it each time.

  • Aces

    Well Stillwater and Brian Davis been screaming and fighting for weeks that they needed a 4,000 sq.ft patio…. no matter how much the residential neighbors didn’t want it… it looks like this time the squeaky wheel got didn’t get the oil… maybe they should have been content with what they had. When you consider that other Allentown patios are more along the size of 30 to 50 sq. ft. their request seemed a out of the ballpark.