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SED Critical of Academy School, ResulTech

The State Education Department has released its report on Academy School 44, and it faults—among other things—ResulTech, the Maryland firm that provides technical support for the failing school. Unfortunately, the project was turned in too late to receive any credit from the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority, who already approved ResulTech’s $1.7 million contract extension two weeks ago, on July 8.

The approval came in the form of this letter, which was sent out without the approval of BFSA secretary George K. Arthur, who had requested more scrutiny from the control board regarding the ResulTech contract. You can read how that all went down in recent Artvoice stories here, and here. (For more background on ResulTech, check out these / three / stories as well.)

Contrary to claims in the Buffalo News from associate superintendent for educational services Will Keresztes—that Buffalo Public Schools officials requested the SED review—it may never have been conducted but for the strong urging of Buffalo Teachers Federation president Phil Rumore and the board of Regents. You can read the report’s cover letter, addressed to Rumore here. The claim that the SED was called in by the BPS is also made in the official press release from BPS spokesperson Stefan Mychajliw.

Read the Technical Assistance Report for yourself, and decide if superintendent James Williams, chief academic officer Folasade Oladele, Keresztes, school board members Mary Ruth Kapsiak (Board President, Central District), Catherine Collins (at large), Vivian Evans (East District), Florence Johnson (at large), and Pamela D. Perry-Cahill (Ferry District) have really been “doing it for the children.” They wrote and approved the ResulTech contract extension.

Imagine what $7.1 million given to ResulTech over the last three years could have really done for these at-risk students if it had been directed toward hiring caring teachers. We churn out hundreds of them annually at our area colleges, after all.

Also at fault is the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority, for hastily approving a contract extension for a vendor just two short weeks before this critical report was released. What possibly could have been gained by rushing ahead with the approval? Who holds them accountable? Not Governor David Patterson, who spoke in glowing terms about both the city and county control boards when he was in town just yesterday.

If the control board can’t provide an appropriate degree of scrutiny to the contracts it approves, then it is merely an elite level of government operating above city hall, undemocratically appointed by Albany, and unaccountable.

Is it part of the school curriculum to teach our kids about this Authority? It would be good for them to understand that democracy only goes so far in Buffalo. Some of them may even want to stay here, and they might as well know the deal.

Of the report, Keresztes is quoted in the Buffalo News this way: “We welcome the recommendations and are eager to put these positive developments in place.”

Yeah, right. They could have been doing something all along. Instead, they’ve failed the very children they are paid to serve.

  • OhGod

    ArtVoice is the only voice we have. Why don’t you guys blast the Control Board morons who “assumed” and fell for the Keresztes letter? This is a joke. You can’t even call ResulTech, they disconnected their phone?

  • OhGod

    This is the same keresztes who came forward and acted all innocent about the grade fixing when he was a principal? He’s a liar.

  • Mike

    Keresztes Keresztes Keresztes Keresztes HMMMMMM…………..

  • Pedro Gogue

    The S.E.D. observes of our most troubled kids and their interactions with their teachers :” It appears that interaction between teacher-student and student-student is minimal. Students had headsets on during class. They worked individually. Teachers predominantly gave introductions to the lessons and then students worked on the computer in isolation.” Isolation is used in psych hospitals and prisons more as a punishment than a viable therapy, Does InsulTech have research that shows otherwise ?
    How in hell can a company offer to take on a city’s most disaffected, unstimulated, violent and troubled kids then medicate them with LCD rays instead of real, human, compassionate interaction ? The message of this joint is simple : You are unteachable, you are throwaways, we can contain and entertain you though if you do bother to show up, but we know you won’t. Cake anyone ?

  • Mike

    It’s disgusting. Status quo pilfering of the poor. Thank you pedro. NO ONE CAN CONTACT THIS COMPANY? ANYONE??????

  • Nick

    Does anybody know what happened to Skool???? His blog has been deleted!!!! Did they find him or something???

  • K

    As of 8-7-08 I am no longer able to view, review and enjoy. WHY????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • K

    Why- Where- How- did THEY remove BuffaloSchoolMess??????????????????

  • E

    If anybody out there knows what happened to ‘Skool’ or knows him, please, pleeeeease, tell him to come back!!!

  • Mike

    No one found him. He just retired. He wanted to raise awareness and did. Now it’s up to you guys.

  • OhGod

    found another blog that is interesting:

  • BuffaloPublicSchools mess

    I’m flattered to be missed!

    I’ve been quiet for a while waiting to see when Artvoice is going to get back on the ball with regard to this mess we call a public school system and a school board.

    I was becoming somewhat hopeful during the spring that we might just have had a responsible member of the local media (Artvoice) beginning to dig into some of the dysfunction within this school system.

    I’m beginning to loose hope!

    Not a word from Artvoice in quite a while!

    It’s been so amusing to watch JAWS over the past few days talking about the Smartboards which have been installed in a small majority of the classrooms.

    Then I had to laugh yesterday when he was talking about the boys in the district coming to school better dressed. Has anyone informed him that principals have been struggling with this for years. Especially since the principals can’t keep up with the gang related colors which children wear.

    Any principal will tell you that, yes, the boys need to come to school better dressed. Yet, after telling young men to pull up their pants and tuck in their shirts thousands of times in a day, it is more important to deal with issues of violence during those days, rather then weather their shirts have a collar on them. I believe the mind set is, “You have to pick your battles!”

    Get real JAWS!

    Sure ideally we would love to see all the young women and men looking presentable, conservative, appropriate! Plus, when your parents, grandparents, and all your role models dress “down” this is what these children know. You are not going to get them to look like a Talbots catalog because it’s just not part of their culture! Like JAWS doesn’t know this.

    JAWS needs to get a grip and start dealing with the real problems facing the children of this district. He needs to stop looking for all the outer things to try to make himself look good.!

    Yes, we need to have current technology in the classrooms. Did someone, maybe Stephan, forget to let him know about the terrible violence against very young teenagers in the past week? Why not set up some programing, required programming, within the school day which addresses anger management, conflict resolution etc.? Isn’t that more important than a shirt collar?

  • Skool

    Not you BuffaloPublicScoolMess…Although we enjoy your voice. We all need to be aware and vote the Sorority Sisters OUT, and Jacobs OUT. Rally now, start talking about it now. Take away this guys base, it’s the only way to aggrevate him so he moves on. He’s too comfy here soaking up all of Buffalo’s $.

  • BuffaloPublicSchool mess

    OK Skool, what is your plan to exterminate the sorority?

  • ace

    Rumor has it the Alternative @ 44 will close in January. Where is our $7 MILLION dollars???????? Sorority? Any answers? Notice how quiet they all are now…

  • James


  • Skool

    Who’s up for taking down the sisters?

  • james

    the school is still open but this remains its last year b4 the kids are transferred to public schools due to the failure in the alternative program