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Antoine Thompson’s Economic Roundtable

John Duke of the First Amendment Club asked us to post this announcement:

NYS Senator Antoine M. Thompson announced a roundtable regarding strategies for improving the Western New York economy, scheduled for Friday, July 25th from 10am until 12 noon at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, located at 25 Nottingham Ct. Buffalo, 14216.

The roundtable is an opportunity for all Western New Yorkers, from residents to those in the private and public sectors, to express their ideas and to identify solutions and alternatives to stimulate the regional economy.

Serving as keynote speaker and moderator will be Ms. Kathryn Wylde, President & CEO of the Partnership for New York City. The Partnership is a non-profit membership organization comprised of leaders from New York City’s top corporate, investment and entrepreneurial firms that are committed to working closely with government, labor and the nonprofit sector to enhance the economy by focusing on research, policy formulation and issue advocacy at the city, state and federal levels. Through its affiliate, the New York City Investment Fund, the Partnership directly invests in economic development projects in all five boroughs of the city.

According to Senator Thompson; “Kathryn Wylde’s 25 years of leadership have played an intricate role in New York City’s commercial and residential resurgence. I look forward to her sharing some of her invaluable experience with us to help jumpstart the Western New York economy.”

The event is open to the public. Go and give your two cents.

  • Pomeroy

    Senator Thompson is a realist, whereas his predecessor, Byron Brown, is a charalton.
    Senator Thompson is actively searching for alternatives to stimulate the regional economy.
    Whereas Byron Brown attempted to tell the press that “Buffalo’s Renaissance is in Full Swing!” with 4.5 billion in investments.
    What a joke!

  • Mr. Bumble

    Senator Thompson is definitely the realist of the two,
    but he will have to contend with the “Three Men in a Room” (Artvoice 09/07/06 v5n36).
    At least we can count on Thompson to concern himself with the Average Joe
    instead of totally focused on replacing Louise Slaughter in Congress.

  • WNYMind

    Keep in mind that Thompson was hand picked by Brown to fill his vacant State Senate Seat. Thompson is a good elected official). But, to contrast him with the Mayor (also a goo enough guy despite having a job nobody has been successful with in over 50 years) is a joke.

    The other joke is the who premise of the economic roundtable. To have the NYC Partnership come and discuss their model is a waste of time and giving false hope to people in Buffalo. There is no financial or nonprofit sector in Buffalo large enough to impact the economic future of the city.

    We have a few struggling local businesses and some national corporations that are in the last stages of disinvesting in WNY. We also have 1 foundation, Oshie, that is poking around in the soil for some ideas and another, Wendt, that is totally currupt and detrimental to the community.

    Buffalo needs a more radical approach than some pin money from local business. How many Chinese Auctions can you have? Buffalo needs a big employer to show up and create new jobs.

    Maybe China will come here and build an auto plant or India will come here and build a chemical plant. That is Buffalo’s only hope. Some developing country will find Buffalo very attractive. We have a government that can easily be bought. A local population that is beaten down and unwilling to challenge the status quo. And, a small and insignificant local elite that will marvel at any trinket dangles in front of them. Yes, China and India can come to WNY and buy the place and the people in a heart beat. It would be the easiest conquest in world history. They could come in and dominate WNY and the US government would no longer have to answer endless gripes.

    If we are really lucky a country like Brazil would come and buy WNY. Then they could educate us about democratic governance and social justice.

  • Pomeroy

    WNYMind, I suppose you would also find fault with the ethanol plant the French are building in South Buffalo.
    World-wide it is the only ethanol plant built in a city.
    And some people in South Buffalo are complaining just because it has a blast radius of 5 miles.

  • WNYMind

    In principle, I do not oppose the ethanol plant in South Buffalo. There are oil refineries in cities accross the US. If they are operated with OSHA and public safety standards in place, they don’t explode. However, there are real risks with any refinery or ethanol plant and people living near them should be protected. Especially from pollution growing out of normal operations.

    If you recall, a few weeks ago a pool supply company burned down on the west side of Buffalo. The Buffalo Fire Department did not handle that fire well, from a public safety standpoint (or a fire fighter safety standpoint). That should have been the wakeup call for Buffalo to make sure that fire fighters were trained and protected properly, and that a public notice system is put in place for industrial accidents. It is the city’s responsibility to have an emergency plan in place.

    One other thing, the use the term “blast radius” is a little inaccurate in the case of a ethanol plant. That would be a radius for a chemical cloud and vapors, if an ethanol plant ever burned or blew up, it wouldn’t create a 5 mile crator, fire ball, or anything else you infer. Fire damage would be contained on site, the real risk to the public would be from chemical vapors and toxic smoke. The more likely risk would come from groundwater contamination (ala Love Canal), so site planning is key to address these risks.