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Who Gives? (Part 1)

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As I wrote below, Brown for Buffalo raised $192,646.33 in the past six months. Of that, $131,925 was given by individual donors.

Of that, at least $42,000 came from city employees. The donors range from seasonal workers chipping in a couple hundred dollars of their roughly $18,000 annual wages to emplyees at BMHA and the Sewer Authority,were the standard minimu donation seems to have been $500. (Some gave more, some less, but most gave $500.)

More breakdowns soon.

  • wastingfedtax$

    Thats why so many people who work in City Hall have no work ethic,they contribute and figure they are on the freinds and family plan, I have always refused giving these contributions, its a slap in the face to people who work for the city that actually work hard. Buffalo has gone no where and is going no where until we have until we rid our selves of this administration.

  • Brian

    This is why the City of Buffalo needs a Hatch Act. Let’s get rid of these political machines paid for at taxpayer expense and have employees who work for the people, not the politicians.

  • WNYMind

    This is typical Buffalo patronage. Unfortunately, it is a problem that goes all the way to Albany. New York State is know as the most currupt state in the country. Lousiana use to have that title, but Katrina brought so much embarassment to their patronage system that they started to make reforms (at a snails pace). So NY now has the trophy.

    The first step would be to get the state legislature to pass an initiative process so regular people could putt things on the ballot to reform the system. We could start with initiative to break up the patronage system (i.e. a city manager for Buffalo, recall provisions for elected officials, stronger ethics laws for politicians, property tax reform, school budget reform etc… etc… etc…)

  • Mr. Bumble

    Someone should start a fund to clean up the interior of City Hall
    and get the water restored to the drinking fountains.
    I wonder if all those City Hall employees would contribute $500 to that.
    Thanks to the hundreds of millions we receive from the State, the City is $76 million in the black.
    It’s time to spend more than $20,000 on the building that’s always in the dark!