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Carl Paladino Commercial

The Buffalo School district may have officially decided to just forget all the problems regarding McKinley High School principal Crystal Barton, the dysfunctional School Board, Superintendent James A. Williams and McKinley basketball coach and accused serial seducer, James Daye, but apparently one Buffalo citizen is not going to let them off the hook that easily. Developer Carl Paladino has purchased radio spots on WBEN chastising all of the above and giving a little instruction of his own. “James A. WIlliams, it’s time for you to go.”

Carl Paladino on the Buffalo School Board (MP3)

  • aces

    Go Carl!! Glad somebody is trying to keep this crap from just sliding off the table. Obviously, the Buffalo News is content to just fold up their tent and move on the the next headline of the day.

  • WNYMind

    Paladino has nothing to offer. We saw what he was all about with his racist remarks. What’s next fpr Paladino, late night cross burnings. The guy is part of the problem.

  • BuffaloPublicSchools mess

    You know, I’m trying to figure out why there are not more people out there who are enraged about the situation with JAWs. Paladino has the money and the ways to let his voice be heard that so many of us don’t!

    How is it that the people of Buffalo are standing by and allowing what is called a school board and superintendent do what they are doing to the students of Buffalo Public Schools? I just don’t understand!

    Why are there more people not coming forward to protest this mockery of a system? I just don’t understand!

    How is it that no one is blinking an eye that the BPS actually held a celebration at PS 18 for the “great” BPS test score results this year? Did anyone bother to actually look at the results and notice that at the school that the celebration was held, only 18% of the graduating 8th graders met or exceed proficiency in ELA? Hello out there, don’t you understand that this stat means that 82% of those 8th graders are NOT at grade level for ELA! How is it that no one is reporting on this? How is it that no one is outraged about this?

    In all fairness, let’s look at the district averages as a whole. Ok, regarding ELA (English Language Arts), 43% of all the students in the BPS are at or above grade level. Yes that is up from last year but, hello, again, that means that 57% do not have the skills required of their particular grade level!

    OK now let’s look at the math scores as a whole. 51% of BPS students are at or above grade level. Again, that means that 49% cannot meet the requirements of their grade level.

    Doesn’t that bother anyone out there? What’s wrong with you people! How is this acceptable?

    Oh that’s right. No one is bothered by this because, oh, yes, that’s right: “It doesn’t affect my kid.” or “I don’t have any kids.” How many people in Buffalo who have kids, totally allude this discussion because if they do have kids they are at a private school, a charter school or a high performing school? They just plain don’t give a shit about the rest of the thousands of kids out there because it doesn’t touch their family.

    Well that may be the case for a decade or so but guess what, when Buffalo has tens of thousands of functionally illiterate adults out there, and they are in the workforce, it will definitely affect each and every one of us.

    What happened to all of the “baby boomers” out there that used to stand up and shout about such terrible inequities? How can you all have a conscience to accept JAWs for what he is doing to the moral integrity of the BPS, not to mention how he is foolishly putting spin on such outrageously unacceptable test scores? Just because you may not have kids in the public schools right now, how does that make it ok to overlook what is going on within them?

    You know, there are so many of us that try to do what we can to speak up but cannot really come forward in many situations because we either work for the BPS and/or have children attending a school in the district. This district is notorious for retaliation so out of fear, we cannot come forward. I’ll tell you that from many of our points of view, we can’t understand why this fiasco is not more upsetting to more residents of the City of Buffalo!

  • BuffaloPublicSchools mess

    Oh yea, see the test scores for yourself:

    Go to June news and scroll way down on the page to:

    In the News: Dramatic Increase in Test Scores

  • WNYMind

    No disagreement about the test scores and the need for improvement. I think the schools should do better. Of course, there are many factors to be addressed in the form of services and additional programs for the kids to keep them on track and doing better.

    The thing you should understand is the damage people like Paladino do, and continue to do the the process and the kids. He needs to go away. He opened his big mouth and made statements that were racist and insulting to the community (all of us, of all races). All he does from this point on is create a barrier to moving forward.

    We all want to help the kids get a better education, weed out curruption in the school system, etc…. But, Paladino is making it harder, and I don’t believe he has any interest in education, he is just venting about race and his paranoia.

  • John Gault

    Why are you blaming the messenger. The sad truth, and the proof is in the pudding, is that in a failing school system that receives over 800 million dollars from the state (taxpayers), and millions of dollars in federal and Bill and Melinda Gates grants, the inner city school population is till being educationally genocided. Albeit slowly, but the scores, and the massive drop out rates, and the inability of many high school graduates to read, analyze, or remain in college, are objective proof that there are flaws and mismanagement, and a marked lack of educational vision. Unless the vision is to create and maintain a permanent inner-city underclass.

  • citizen joe

    Mr. Paladino hit the nail right on the head. The entire school board should be dismissed right along with that principal. I am a city resident and I find it ironic that I don’t get any voting options on the school budget like they do in the suburbs . I get no say on the crap the “authorities ” pull (Thruway, Power). The new Govenor took away our upstate voice in Albany. The anti casino obstructionists are definitely not representative of my input on gambling. I guess gambling everywhere should be ended. The lottery, church bingo, off track betting, video gaming at Hamburg,play-off betting and why not close down Las Vegas. The more I think about it the more I think about it….our country was founded because the people couldn’t take the abuse any longer…..REVOLUTION is in our blood!!!!!

  • pedro gogue

    Palladino is not anywhere near as guilty of racist behavior as James Williams has been since he plopped his carpetbag on Wilmer’s doorstep and began bloviating about “the chirren”. Palladino called it, the way it is, an uncomfortable truth is that being black had a lot to do with this guy getting hired. Sad sorry truth. Wilmers wanted a union busting pro-charter school guy and he got it all with Williams. Williams race would calm anyone who wanted to cry foul that the millionaire white man was putting one of his cronies in place, which of course he was. Paladino has always been a hard working hardass, good for him. Williams is an opportunist who uses a formula involving race, dividing and conquering, mobilizing the African American woemn is the system to his side and starting stuff he’ll never finish. He’s also a little weak in math as he came up short about 18 million in Dayton and will probably outdo that before he gets Buffalo’s shoeprint on his ass. Palladino is doing what a lot of us would love to do except we can’t afford it or can’t afford the retribution his flunkies will dole out to us at work is we’re employed by the Board. Williams has to go and he has to take his whole stinking bunch of sycophants and hangers on with him. As far as the Board goes We have Panepinto , Ralph, Petrucci and that’s it. Williams can take the other cake eaters with him. Maybe Chris Jacobs can go to a deprogrammer or something and get himself off the Williams Kool aid.

  • WNYMind

    I don’t disagreethat the schools have problems, but the problem has more to do with the deep poverty and the lack of services in the schools to facilitate learning in Buffalo than anything else. The $800 million budget is big, but the truth is that more money needs to be spent to get qualtity education in Buffalo. Kids need after school programs. Kids need tutors. The schools need more social workers to deal with problems at home that block learning. The kids need guaranteed college education, vocational education, job placement, etc….

    People need to realize that Buffalo is one of the poorest cities in the country, and that means there is a need for a Marshall Plan in public education to reach the kids handicapped by poverty.

    In part it’s a curriculum problem, and a lack of supportive services for the kids. But, then there are charter schools draining more funds from the public schools, local foundations (like Wendt and others) that feed the charter schools while iginoring the public schools (unless they have relatives as principals, etc…).

    All Paladino brings to the school debate is his ignorant comments and diversions from the real problems and challenges. He needs to go away or every legitimate effort to address the real problems will get lost in the mudslinging between people like Paladino and administrators (some good, some bad, some just attacked because of race). It is really a formula for blocking change. If that is all Buffalo has to offer then the solutions will never come.

    As far as the schools are concerned, we need to push people like Paladino to the side. If a school official is involved in a crime, prosecute him or her. Vote obstructive board members out of office. Get the state to create a ballot initiative process and reform the school budget voting process so it is meaningful and available to all districts (it is a meaningless vote now, since contigency budgets are the same as proposed budgets).

    On the other hand, if all you want to do is carry Paladino around on your shoulders and find fault with everything the school administrators do (they make a lot of mistakes, but also have made some progress), then you are just part of the problem. So like I’ve said before, “Paladino, shut the hell up, we already know where you are coming from and disagree with the racist crap you spew.”

  • frat boy

    Dramatic increase? The scores are still deplorable, now they have scripted curriculum that is flat, all at the expense of tax dollars hard at work in Willimas’ friends pockets. Please. enough ABOUT PALADINO what about the City Honors Mess/ WHY hasn’t anyone like the Superintendent, the Community Sperintendent Keresztes who makes way over $100 k a year haven’t had to answer for their ridiculous behavior and bully tactics at CITY HONORS? It is against the BOARD OF ED> DISTRICT ETHICS POLICY, Keresztes had to “recuse” himself because there was a CONFLICT of interest. It is illegal what he did. WHAT about that????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • kim

    Don’t forget anothe “community” or “associate” which means “overpaid” blowhard superintendent Mark Frazier and Dr. (friend o’Williams) Melvin were in the middle of that mess too. WHY haven’t these overpaid, elite bullying professionals had to answer for that illegal behavior at our only redeeming HS? What is that all about? WHY the hell are they gettting a free pass? COME ON ARTVOICE!

  • kim

    By the way, WNY, you are so out of touch it’s embarrassing. go to another forum where idiots congregate.

  • skool

    BuffalSchoolMess you are right on. Keep up the good dissemination of information for the masses, they are misinformed, but we are getting through I think….

  • skool


  • TheRover

    The only damage Paladino does is to the members of bloated,liberal, bureaucratic institutions by exposing them for what they truely are, self serving pigs who milk the taxpayer of every hard earned penny. Buffalo School Board, NYS Thruway, Buffalo Common Council, get rid of them all.

  • OhGod

    pigs. resultech. control board. pigs.

  • Sharice Willis

    It is time to sign petition to have the FBI investigate Kerezsetes false reporting of crime statistics. Dr. Williams is not allowing the truth be published. Gregory Mott who heads up the committee penalizes teachers and admin who report crime. Look at all the teachers who are being bullied and have evidence in hand of the spiteful, racist, derrogatory remarks of bullying principals, also including Fatima Morrell and Crystal Barton. These Felons need to be arrested once and for all and be put on trial by the District Attorney. Crimes that parents of some of our worst students have a right to know when they are robbed, assaulted, raped, frightened by bullies and conspiracy to kill them. These “antics” are minor as Mott makes them out to be, they are crimes, crimes that lead to murder, drive by shooting, bicycle beatings, home invasions, robbery. It is time to see the problems be erradicated by the Control Board that supercedes the BOE. The BOE can’t even work in privacy without Kerezsetes leaking expensive information to the press. That is the amount that Joy Trotter was paid off, put through the Board in a rush, without time of inspection. So BOE, Dr. Williams, are you listening, Art Voice, Mr. Palandino, and The Public is onto you. It is time you were held accountable. Our children don’t have the choice, they deserve our protection and of course, an education that leads to literacy.

  • Shalonda Wilson

    Eyes on Buffalo has noticed that the Buffalo News is in sync with the PR of the Buffalo Schools, releasing info on both sites that the District is about to consoladate. The five schools slated for closure to save $3 million have full enrollment at their sites. The damage will be to the neighborhood, parents, leaders and the children. The targets may well be those principals and teachers who are not supportive of the current administration. Revenge and vendetta is foremost not budget saving cuts. Dr. Williams saw fit to cut Joy Trotter who by her inaction which aligned with his policy, revealed that four months will go by before informing parents and the community of any felony, in the latest, sexual molestation. Dr. Williams and Gregory Mott created that mess and the ultimate payoff of nearly $50,00 was hush money paid to silence the wrong of William Kerezstes, assist supt. The facts are that Kerezstes is a notorious big mouth, a bully, who had no problem bullying teachers at Highgate School #80, yet he continues to be the mouthpiece for this vindictive, criminal administration. Eyes of Buffalo would like to know when the full payout of funds to squelch the deeds will finally end? Millions have been paid out through lawsuits and others actions like Workman’s Comp due to the tactics, slush funds, inadequate monitoring and accounting of many principals including G.Mott, Fatima Morrell, Patricia Thomas. When those costs to the “bankrupt” district, (which prompts grantwriting for funds from outside the district like the Gates Foundation), the millions will make up for the deficit. The course of action is to let go of the Axis of terror. BTF needs to stop playing politics with its contintuents lives. Phil Rumore knows how many lives that are being destroyed by the tactics, circumstances but he is using some teachers to win some for other teachers. Meanwhile a great number are victims of unethical, unprofessional, libelous deeds performed according to the directives Dr. Williams continues to deliver. Who is hurting, Buffalo. The populous is being duped as the children are being railroaded into areas, environments and programs that are haphazardly put together. Many SB committee know the reality. What? No funds, mandates without support, planning without distinct goals, etc. It is time to go back to the basics where teachers are heard and enabled to teach the children. Teaching for the tests, in rounds is not working. The problem is no one is listening. Teachers simply want to teach through research based paradigms. Dr. Williams has tossed all that out. Why, because he is allowing junk in because it is saving money. But the low scores and the low graduation rate is proof that teaching for a test result does not educate children. Where is Dr. Richard Mills in all this? He is dumbfounded. He does not control BOE decisions. The BOE is under a spell. They don’t see that the current programs don’t work and they don’t see that the constant rip-off of District funds can stop. Cowards, only two stood against the latest payout to Joy Trotter. BTW she got caught up in the same method that she dished out. I don’t feel sorry for her.
    When will Fatima Morrell be charged for her thefts, stealing from teachers, children and the Buffalo School District. Why was she made a principal of Lafayette High School when she has the highest rate of failing to retain staff in the District. That alone is grounds for dismissal. So, Buffalo News what is your agenda to align with the PR of Buffalo Schools? Eyes on Buffalo would like to know.

  • samantha

    Schools are out of compliance all over. Keresztes hasn’t had Spec Ed experience, why is he at the helm of that/ They get over $11 million from Medicaid, where’s that $, where does it go? Rumor has it Morrell and Barton did not get their stories straight oe=ver the McKinley Incident, and that Barton did not testify because she was not there…Morrell got into it with the kid and escalated the situation into the fiasco it became unnecessariy.Barton was out of the building, without notice and should not have left Morrell in charge because of her status as a failure and “on asssignment” which is a joke, t=now the punchline will be more payouts when the lawsuits come rolling through like a train.

  • samantha

    Schools are out of compliance all over. Keresztes hasn’t had Spec Ed experience, why is he at the helm of that/ They get over $11 million from Medicaid, where’s that $, where does it go? Rumor has it Morrell and Barton did not get their stories straight over the McKinley Incident, and that Barton did not testify because she was not there…Morrell got into it with the kid and escalated the situation into the fiasco it became unnecessarily. Morrell covered fro Barton, Barton pleads the Fifth, Morrell gets rewarded for lying and covering up by being tapped as Principal in one of the most violent and dangerous high schools????????? Putting hundreds of kids and staff at risk? SOunds like the truth of that mess to me. Barton was out of the building, without notice and should not have left Morrell in charge because of her status as a failure and “on asssignment” which is a joke, now the punchline will be more payouts when the lawsuits come rolling through like a train.

  • BuffaloPublicSchool mess


    This blog started out about the Carl Paladino commercial.

    I’m impressed that a few people here are opening up about the injustice that so many of us see!

    But, without BTF support and assurance on anonimity, what exactly can we do???

    I keep asking but no one ever seems to have an answer!

    Artvoice, get on this please!!!

    Help us be heard!

  • Pillar Shale

    Carl Paladino is going to put 10-million into a campaign for governor? He owns a convenience store where he could but doesn’t pay his employees a living wage. He appears to be a real bigmouth master of self. He owns a lot of business in Buffalo and maybe the media should check into this guy. He has a child he doesn’t pat child support for. He sends dirty emails, Paladino is not a stand up guy. He is a power huger attention seeker, irate.