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Senecas Lose Big Gamble

Just when it seemed that Buffalo was poised to join the elite list of glamorous places like the newly opened Downstream Casino, located in the middle of, well, somewhere—seven miles from Joplin, Missouri and 17 miles from Miami, Oklahoma—US District Judge William M. Skretny steps in to spoil the party down on old Fulton Street by citing the law.

As of today, the temporary casino downtown is operating outside the law, and the fate of the Seneca’s $330 million permanent casino/hotel/restaurant/spa, already under construction, is in question.

Will his decision help or hurt the second poorest city in the country? Read his ruling here.

  • WNYMind

    This is a sad day for Buffalo. Putting 1000 jobs with an average salary of $35k at risk, holding up the biggest development project in city history, and up to $8 million in city revenue. This was accomplished by a group of special interests who do not represent the vast majority of Buffalo residents who want the casino built.

    Even more sad, the Wendt Foundation has been bankrolling the effort to block the casino using its war chest. Wendt is a tax exempt organization, so we have all subsidized its political activities with the tax exemption we give Wendt. It is illegal for a nonprofit to engage in political activity, which is exactly what Wendt has been doing. In essence, every dollar Wendt puts into its political activities is a dollar stolen from the poor the foundation claims to help, and a dollar stolen from taxpayers. It is all a matter of public record and can be retreived from the 990 of Wendt. Their trustees make a nice salary too, over $130,000 each per year to pursue their polical activities at taxpayer expense. Is the IRS investigating the Wendt Foundations for illegally using its tax exempt status for political purposes? It should. With any luck the people of Buffalo will finally get some justice and the criminals who run the wendt foundation will be in jail and paying the taxes they owe.

  • WNYMind

    If you think casino gambling is a successful economic develop model for urban centers, I would ask you to take a long walk around Niagara Falls, NY or visit Atlantic City off the broadwalk after dark. Then talk about economic development and jobs.

    Also the majority of the residents of Buffalo did not get a chance to vote or express an opinion on casino gambling. It was the special interests and Republican Governor P with the support of the Bush Department of Interior
    that created this mess as away around the law and the New York State constitution.

    Joe Schmidbauer

  • Chris Rally

    Dear Joe,

    When is the last time someone has wanted to build something in the City of Buffalo Joe prior to the Senecas? Who is brining new jobs to the City of Buffalo?

    Unfortunately for you, the City of Buffalo stopped progressing years before you and I were even born. So rather than being an idiot, and raining on everyones parade, why not accept change, and welcome an attempt being made to better the lives of those living in the SECOND POOREST CITY IN THE USA.

    The problem is that the CITY OF BUFFALO and it’s occupants like myself in our right minds accept this. We WANT people to come and build in our city. We WANT a casino from the Senecas to help boost jobs and the economy.

    Buffalo was and still is a RUST BELT CITY. It’s too bad that business has all but up and left. (except for the staunch reminder of abandoned grain elevators and steel mills). It’s about time Buffalo turned the tide on it’s fate and changed it’s direction; but all you people can do is oppose that change, and set us back another 60 years.

    We are the second largest city in New York State, NEW YORK STATE… and the second poorest city in the country. Whose to blame? Maybe the politicians, maybe corruption, or maybe you and your special interest groups who just constantly complain over and over and over whenever someone tries to make life a little bit better in the City of Buffalo.

    Personally Joe, I pity you, and your narrow views.

  • Chris

    You sound like a guy justifying pimping his sister.

    You think a casino will change any of that? Also who is we? There was never a vote put to the people of Buffalo. There was no choice. It was, if you do not like the casino go fuck yourself. This all about back room deals. And it is back room deals that have bleed this town to death. It is back room deals that have created this pimping environment of low wages bottom feeder economics.

    Since 1980 the Federal government has invested over 2 plus billion dollars into economic development programs and projects in Buffalo. Were is it?

    Do you want to see the were most of the went money? Go over to Goia’s house on Meadow avenue when McCain comes to town for a dinner fund raiser ($10,000 a plate) on July 21 you’ll see it.

    You don’t go from being the second wealthiest city to second poorest without somebody pulling a heist. The same heist is being pulled by Bush and Wall Street on the country right now.

    Gambling like poverty is very profitable if you are the house (Bank).

    I pity the sucker who doesn’t know he is being hustled.

    joe schmidbauer

  • John

    Joe you’re probably also fighting the construction of a signature bridge in Buffalo.. claiming all those poor pigeons are in danger of flying into it.

    Go away. Let the Senecas build whatever they want, they bought that land before your brain mentally matured.

  • Dear John

    There is never going to be a bridge, Signature or otherwise, birds or no birds. It was about the Detroit Bridge company getting to be the number 1 crossing through Detroit-Windsor. In 1994 Peace Bridge was the number one crossing from the golden horse shoe into United State. Now Detroit is one and with the new NFTA highway to Detroit and super highway from Toronto -Windsor, bye, bye. Signature Bridge, my ass, just a city full ignorant assholes who believe everything WBEN, the Buffalo News or channel 2 tells them. Bills number one!!!

    It is true the brightest and best have long left town. I should go into business selling PR Bullshit on a stick, folks in this town who can’t to get enough. Go Sabers!!!

    joe schmidbauer