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School Board has Cake, Eats it too!

The Buffalo school board held a special meeting at 3:30 this afternoon, called by board member Catherine Nugent Panepinto to “vote on pursuing disciplinary action against the individuals named in the report of attorney David Edmunds and/or as discussed by attorney Karl Kristoff.”

After the Pledge of Allegiance, board President Kapsiak began the meeting by moving to enter into executive section, which was immediately seconded by Catherine Collins, who said that she, for one, intended to mention people’s names—therefore making an executive session mandatory. Within five minutes of typical chaos, the press was again sent into the antechamber that has become their second home since issues involving Crystal Barton and McKinley High School have become public knowledge. Nugent Panepinto never even got to read her motion.

After half an hour, the door opened and BPS lawyer Karl Kristoff read a motion to share all the raw data collected by the $25,000 Edmunds report with school board members—something they’ve never had access to thus far—before deciding if any disciplinary action might be warranted.

Here’s how the vote went down: Four in favor (Nugent Panepinto, Hernandez, Petrucci, Jacobs). Perry-Cahill said she would like to “sustain.” Her colleagues corrected her use of terminology and asked if she would like to “abstain.” She said yes, she would like to do that, and she was joined in her abstention by Collins. Kapsiak and Johnson voted against seeing any more evidence.

Vivian Evans, although present in another room, would not take part in the vote.

Thus, with only four votes in favor of examining all the evidence generated by the $25,000 of taxpayer funds that were used to compensate Edmunds, the motion did not receive the five votes it would have needed to pass. Chief of Staff James M. Kane quickly observed: “It doesn’t pass!” He had the tone of a dealer at a poker tournament, interpreting all the hands for the spectators.

Next, it was time for the board to vote on new officers. Vivian Evans entered to take part in this vote.

Again, the room stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Kapsiak retained her position as board president, Collins replaced Hernandez as VP of Executive Affairs, Jacobs replaced Nugent Panepinto as VP of Student Affairs.

In a stunning and unpredictable coincidence, each vote was identical, with Perry-Cahill, Collins, Johnson, Kapsiak, Jacobs, and Evans voting for the winners—while Nugent Panepinto, Petrucci, and Hernandez voted for the losers.

Kapsiak, Collins, and Jacobs were sworn in to their new positions and the meeting was called to a close.

Florence Johnson was the first to move in on the cake. She and Perry-Cahill moved in for a slice after sharing hugs with Collins, Jacobs, and Kapsiak.

And even though it was a big cake, Nugent Panepinto, Petrucci, and Hernandez didn’t have any.

  • Peter A Reese

    Isn’t there a school board election next year? Maybe we should remember who voted for continued inaction by the board.

  • WNYMind

    Interesting. After a long and bitter fight over a trivial issue (much of it was filled with personal attacks and pure garbage) the case is finally closed. Suspension reduced, student graduated, coach actually coaching the team, volunteer dismissed, principal exhonorated. Now the school board can go back to being dysfunctional.

  • Pomeroy

    Kapsiak asked for ethic investigations against the four people who voted for her presidency.
    Cahill was one of the four.
    Yesterday, Cahill voted for Kapsiak again.
    Maybe she didn’t want to “sustain” or “abstain”
    maybe she wanted to “Nutstain”!

  • Mr. White

    We are the champions, we are the champions, of the world. Finally it all comes out, the problem has been with the school board trying to play politics with the schools. Now there is new leadership and the truth has come out. The Buffalo schools are moving forward under the leadership of Dr. Williams, the good people on the board are now in control, and the circus has packed up and left town.

    Now the peopleof Buffalo need to wake up and vote the trouble makers off the board.

  • Pomeroy

    You are definitely correct Mr. White:
    “Now the people of Buffalo need to wake up and vote the trouble makers off the board.”
    The election will be for, and only for, the At-Large Seats.
    FillMeWithRumore must be estatic.
    The incumbents are finito!
    The Victors will replace Florence’s Johnson, de-Catherine tube Collins and Chris GayCubs (Go Phillies!).

    (My friends from the Rainbow will back me on the last one!)!

  • RPMoscato

    Dr Williams and the School Board owe the people an explination on the lack of disciple for thoes involved in the McKinley incident. It is nothing short of a disgrace that heads did not roll. Dr. Williams and thoes who voted against penalizing Crystal Barton should be ashamed of themselves. The lack of action has set a poor example to the students and faculty. Positions of authority can get away with backballing a student or a responsible adult.

  • we could be giants

    WOW what a joke. How appropriate for them to be stuffing free cake in their fat mouths. Unbelievable. This is really disgusting. Mr White is brainwashed as well, if he thinks this is the product of “good leadership” you living in another realm.

  • we could be giants

    How symbolic, Eat Cake. Maybe we should send them CAKE hats, those baseball hats from the great White band, Cake. This is absolutely insane. It would be funny if kids weren’t in the audience NOT laughing. Mr White, surprised you haven’t changed your last name to Mr. I Hate Whites.

  • jones

    Moscato, join the crowd. They will NEVER take responsibility except for when its the work done by teachers, NOT them, of course, white teachers don’t matter remember. This is worse than some bad fiction story, worse than a bad B horror movie, and the biggest display of lemming mentality ever seen. What a racist joke, too bad there is no such thing as a racist “joke”, the joke is on us, the people of Buffalo. Williams walks around with body guards and drivers, frequenting music clubs and acting like a celebrity with no conscience, eyes darting after years of avoiding eye contact for sure. Piece of very expensive work this guy is. The damage has just begun. Wait.

  • moe

    If this was animal farm, they would be the pigs wringing their hands in joy eating slop, I mean cake.

  • moe

    PS what is with Vivian’s “costume”, is she going to rob a bank after? Really, what’s with the ugly hat and goofy glasses? Is it a Nicole Richie look to avoid the Buffalo Paparazzi?? After 20 years o moving here, I thought I saw it all when Harris was ousted for havong criminals with ankle bracelets do the embezzling, I mean accounting, Now this guy with his lemming following are shoving cake in their overstuffed mouths? At least they were quiet for a moment instead of patting themselves on the back for their successful coup made in collusion to control the district with a specific, race-based agenda to make more money off the poor black community which they claim they represent. What thieves, thugs and small minded shallowness of unmerited self-importance. Absolute embarrassment to this community. Absolutely insulting to anyone with a real education ad to those who actually work hard for a living, unlike these idiots on the board signing their souls over to Jim Jones, I mean Williams. Watch all the BS they put through this summer in their sneaky way when everyone is more smaoke and mirror techniques they must have learned in Bully

  • moe

    Mr White, get a life, really, your opinions here need to be more than race based garbage about privilage and getting screwed by the white man. Please get with the 21st century, there is a lot more than black people in this city. Focusing on one race is racisim at its purest, and if the tables were turned Jess Jackson would be here screaming. Please, spare us the “leadership” crap, it’s bullying at its best and that’s all there is too it. These followers of Williams have nothing gain except something for their bank accounts and fill their weak desire for recognition and control from their damaged self esteems and skewed and unprofessional perspective on how to participate in gov;t. They all are weak, do-nothing racists. It’s sickening, more than that it is sad.

  • lame

    I wonder if they saved a piece for Crystal Barton, she likes free stuff, like pop money and horticulture cash. I’m surprised there’s not a pic of them “high fiving” eah other or doing the gang-snap-your=fingers shake afterwards.

  • OhGod

    I shitstain, I mean sustain, I mean absentia, I mean I am just dumb.

  • BuffaloPublicSchools mess

    Boy, everyone is focusing on the race issue.

    My problem is that without Catherine heading the Student Achievement Committee and Ralph not heading the Executive Affairs, imagine the insanity to come this school year.

    These two were honestly trying to hold this group of fools accountable in some way, shape or form. Now without them, it will really be a joke!

    But once again, the people of Buffalo will allow anything.

    Does anyone out there know of any legal process to have SED remove these bozos from their positions?

    Since it has been said that SED has the authority to remove JAWs and the board, I am curious on how that process evolves and what we can do.

    Anyone know?

  • joe

    Call Chris Jacobs, he is a lawyer. He should know!

  • samantha

    scum. evrytime i read this i feel like spitting.


    Maybe it is time for a petition by city residents to the NYS Attorney General. If these inactive members will only act with legal action pending, then maybe all of the criminal behavior of Buffalo Schools should be named. Theft of student funds, Fatima Morrell. Illegal use of #31 kitchen to cater a fundraiser, again, Fatima Morrell. Squelching criminal behavior from being reported to authorities under the policy of Dr. James Williams, committee headed up by Gregory Mott, handed down to the Principal’s Union by Crystal Barton, all felonies, each and every unreported incidence. Coercion and embezzlement of staff funds to pay for supplies principals refuse to fund, under the RICO act, a Federal felony, many principals involved. Each teacher and admin used in this matter needs to so identify themselves to make a count for an endictment of the School Board that knows this is occurring but refuses to acknowledge, collusion on their part. The list of crimes, complaints, issues in the hands of the BTf, over the years, since 2005 when Dr. Williams tried to take with illegal movement of students and staff, like he had to make a point, he is the BOSS, like a goon in the BOE Mob. Teachers and onlookers remember quite well. Nothing has changed or improved for the better. The kids are learning the information to take narrowly scoped tests that don’t prove they are learning but know the answers to a test. This regimen goes in spurts, three months reading, three month social studies, three months math, sheesh, so much energy just to prove that kids can be overpressured to fit some mold to continue to be in compliance… sheesh the kids are so frustrated, that they are ACTING out. One year several children were doing dear devil acts jumping off staircases while they wound down from the enormous pressure, 2.5 hours straight without a break. The principal cautioned the staff to be aware that the kids were acting dangerously and some were indeed imbalanced enough to be thought of as suicidal. So who are the leaders that are pressing our kids… who need to be examined…well you all know their names, the Asst Supt. It is time to stop the madness and to segment the learning to reasonable limits. It’s no wonder gangs are ripping through the streets on bikes beating up anyone they can find…these are recent. Please folks don’t be so soft as the BOE, go and learn the truth. The kids are in trouble, they are hurting and we aren’t listening or demanding to know. Teachers are being intimidated and their voice is quieted, why to give the BTF the job. but the BTF isn’t there either as the Union is winding down and yeilding to the madness.

  • BuffaloPublicSchool mess

    So Speaking Out, what is your plan?

    You sound like a BPS teacher. I’m sure you’re terrified to come forward. We have all seen what happens to those that come forward.

    How is it that we could get a petition going when teachers are terrified to speak out and the teachers are the ones who actually see and experience the impact of the BOE and JAWs influence on our schools?

    I wonder if it would be a possibility to have the BTF hold such a petition and explain the importance of anonymity to the powers that be in the State Ed Department?

    I wonder how one could go about such an endeavor?

    What do you think, Speaking Out?