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ResulTech Achieves 100 Percent Failure Rate, Wins Contract Extension

Without waiting for the results of a State Education Department investigation conducted two weeks ago at Academy School 44, the Buffalo School Board voted Wednesday night to extend a lucrative contract to Maryland firm ResulTech, to continue ongoing technical support. The expected outcome is to “increase student achievement, attendance, literacy and out-of school suspensions.”

After two years of ResulTech’s help, which has already cost the district $5.4 million (the new extension makes a grand total of $7.1 million), this year’s test scores show the following: Speaking to the attendance issue, only one third of these 7th and 8th graders took exams. Of the one hundred students that took the tests, 79% of 7th graders failed English, while 90% of the 8th graders failed English. In addition, 91% of the 7th graders failed Math, while 100% of the 8th grade students who took that exam failed it.

Voting to extend the ResulTech contract were (shown left to right) Mary Ruth Kapsiak (Board President, Central District), Catherine Collins (at large), Vivian Evans (East District), Florence Johnson (at large), and Pamela D. Perry-Cahill (Ferry District).

At large board member Chris Jacobs ordinarily votes in step with superintendent Williams—who advocates ResulTech despite its performance—but he voted against the contract extension. Jacobs felt the results of the State Education Department report should be considered before moving ahead another year.

The vote had been delayed since May 14, when it was pulled off the school board agenda at the last minute as stories surfaced in the media about Academy School 44. Teachers there harshly criticized ResulTech, which prompted the State Education Department investigation two weeks ago. The contract extension passed quietly this week as school ended, and as the public was distracted by the district’s inept response to the Crystal Barton/McKinley scandal, and the District Attorney’s response to the bungled handling of reported sexual abuse at school 67.

On the bright side, after two years of trying, ResulTech now has literally nowhere to go but up when it comes to producing improved results for 8th grade math.

  • aces

    Time for someone to seriously challenge these board members in the next school board election. Johnson and Collins have been a disaster for far too long. Maybe if just those two go the others might not be so inclined to continue these ruinous decisions.

  • Know it all

    JAWs wife is still in Maryland. Has anyone ever heard of what she does for a living? Could she be in some way connected to this scam operation?
    As for the sisters- they need to go. This is the face of all new admins in BPS.

  • we could be giants

    Gee, surprise, surprise. What is the contract supposed to provide? $7 M in less than 3 yrs and we have a pay freeze????? Phil Rumore why aren’t you on the news every NIGHT blasting these followers, not leaders, these ducks in a row. What a JOKE, pave the way for the new ResulTech Charter School, this is it coming. WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • Know it all

    These woman are disgusting. Besides their obvious racism, they are just plain dumb. There is nothing worse than dumb folks with power. The “Community” will continue to elect more of the same. Taxpaying families need to attend these meetings and hold their feet to the fire. If you’ve watched a board meeting you see nothing but “community” members praising JAWs and company. Get rid of them!

  • moe

    Its more of the same dumb sorority members serving themselves instead of the community as a whole. what a joke, actually its not, a joke is funny, this is scary stupid. Fredricksburg, MD is ResulTech’s home base. They have done business where Williams and Oladele have been. In Freson, CA look up C.A.R.T schools, the working relationship there has soured.

  • OhGod

    LOSER sorority. I wonder if they get their nails done at the same salon? Williams’ “wife” in Maryland? Someone said he told them he has an “open relationship” and was hitting on someone 20 yrs younger than him, he was bragging about being a big wig, and was relentless. I wonder if his wife knows they have an open relationship, or that he hits on strange white women in airports and doesn’t take no for an answer.

  • BuffaloPublicSchools mess

    Once again, the sorority strikes.

    But Buffalo residents allow it.

    What should you expect when they have been allowed to function for so long without any accountability?

    It’s your fault Buffalo.

    You have bred this breed of crazy women!

  • samantha

    According to sources, School #44 is “Non-Operational”, whatever that means…so $7m is spent on what exactly? Why isn’t the Control Board on the Hot Seat for this SNAFU? What a g-d joke, these idiots should be fined, arrested or stoned in Niagara Square. This is EXACTLY why Buffalo lags, loses and lies to itself that these dirtbags are out for the best, “for the children” what an insult.

  • BuffaloPublicSchool mess

    Hey Artvoice, why not investigate and educate us on exactly what “Non-Operational” means.

    Come on Buck, get on the ball here…

    We need a new blog…

  • James

    School #44 is closing in January. Seems the sorority is so silent lately, probably planning how they are going to explain that one. SEVEN MILLION GONE IN THE WIND< SURPLUS? What about the teachers working with no contract or raise in 6 years. They are getting restless to say the least. They are insulted and used. With school 44 closing, where are the hig risk students going? Wait, they arn’t going to #44 now, what are the district plans? Why isn’t any media holding them to task?

  • James