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West Side Story

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Scott Talvitie and Erika Hedberg returned to Buffalo a few years back and have been slowly and thoughtfully rehabbing a house at 374 West Ferry, between Richmond and Grant, which had been on the city’s demo list. Last Year Talvitie and Hedberg discovered that the vacant house at 366 West Ferry had been slated for demolition, just as their house at 374 had been, before they stepped in and took ownership. Talvitie and Hedberg petitioned the city to stop the demoltion of 366 West Ferry with the intention of purchasing and rehabbing the house themselves; their primary motivation, Talvitie told me back then, was to maintain the integrity of the block in which they’d invested.

That didn’t happen and the city took down 366 West Ferry, despite Talvitie and Hedberg’s efforts. Now, La Nova Pizzeria wants to turn the property into a parking lot. Talvitie and Hedberg sent the following letter to Mayor Byron Brown and the Common Council today. It’s long, but worth the read (after the jump):

374 West Ferry Street
Buffalo , NY 14213
21 June 2008
Mayor Byron Brown
City Hall Room 201

65 Niagara Square

Buffalo, NY 14202

Dear Mayor Brown,

There has been much discussion as of late regarding the fate of the vacant property located at 366 West Ferry Street .  This residential area is a direct corridor to the Grant-Ferry business district, poised for revitalization if it isn’t further compromised by poor planning decisions and ill-advised development.  366 West Ferry is an ideal opportunity for the citizens of this area to extend the success of the Elmwood District into the Grant/Ferry corridor.

West Ferry Street takes pedestrians and vehicular traffic from the circle at Richmond westbound to Grant Street, and 366 West Ferry sits right on the middle stretch of this corridor.  The entire block on which the house at 366 used to exist is otherwise complete; no other houses have been torn down along the West Ferry side.  The remaining homes are mostly owner-occupied with a couple of rentals that are well-managed by their owners.  We feel that 366 is poised to be a cornerstone for this block, and the possibility of a parking lot at this location is anathema to this notion.  A much more responsibly-conceived green space planned by professional architects and landscape designers, who have already committed to this project, would increase residential property values and would affect efforts at population retention/attraction, which directly impacts the city tax base.  It would enliven a spirit of community among the neighborhood, and would even be good, aesthetically, for La Nova’s.  A parking lot would do none of these things.

There are a plethora of sound, weighty reasons why the sale of this vacant lot to La Nova’s Pizzeria is a very poor decision.  Without a reasoned discussion, these reasons may never be brought to the table.  La Nova’s has “cried wolf” that they might leave their location should they not get their way, and your administration has held their hand from the initial demolition of the property through the Real Estate Division all the way to the Common Council.  Since the zoning board is appointed by the Mayor, it stands to reason that La Nova’s can expect Mayoral influence there too.

It is counterintuitive that La Nova’s would abandon their location if they don’t acquire this lot, but even if they were to leave, it is inconceivable that their business location would go without a tenant for very long; other pizzerias would jump at the chance to take over their highly trafficked location.  The city has already greatly helped La Nova’s with Empire Zone tax credits and countless other assistances.  When will your administration do something to help the homeowners and taxpayers in this area?

The reasons for denying La Nova’s bid to purchase the property at 366 West Ferry are numerous:

Any attempt to re-zone the lot as a parking lot will be diligently, fervently opposed by the homeowners in the immediate and larger area, as well as by the Grant Ferry Association and several community block clubs (please see attached petitions).  Without zoning board approval, and short of a parking lot, La Nova’s has no design to enhance the neighborhood by improving this vacant lot.

La Nova’s doesn’t maintain the parking lots they have.  Their garbage blows from their parking lots all over the neighborhood, generates rodents, and they allow their employees and patrons to park in a completely haphazard manner, to the severe detriment of pedestrian traffic, NFTA bus routes, and the safety of passing vehicles.  We have a lot of photographic documentation to support this claim.  Every weekend we sweep up the streets, boulevards, and sidewalks of the intersection of West Ferry and Hampshire, and a great majority of the garbage removed is from La Nova’s – napkins, pizza boxes, chicken bones, pizza crusts, empty plastic chicken wings bags, submarine sandwich wrappers, etc.  It isn’t difficult to figure out to whom this stuff belongs, because most everything generated by La Nova’s says “La Nova’s”!

La Nova’s already owns at least two vacant lots on the Hampshire Street side of their property that directly abut their property that could provide more than ample parking to solve their current parking problems.  Presently these are gravel lots and are underutilized as parking, aside from being an eyesore.

A parking lot at 366 W. Ferry would reduce the residential property values on this block; it would simply look terrible.  A green space/micro-garden would look phenomenal.

There is already ample parking in the area, albeit ill-conceived.  Any urban planner with ten minutes to look over this idea would agree, and several have.  Their voices may be coming forward soon in the media.

A parking lot would greatly discourage the citizens who have for years been putting sweat equity into this area, cutting the grass for senior citizens who can’t, getting the city to plant trees, sweeping the streets, citizens who have been holding down the fort against the encroaching drug dealers, squatters, and criminals.  Mayoral support for a parking lot in the face of so much opposition will cause citizens to distrust your administration and the system at large.  A parking lot would make these denizens feel that their tax dollars and their elbow grease are unappreciated.  At its heart, this is a quality of life issue.

La Nova’s may have dozens upon dozens of employees, but most are part-time with a frequent turn-over, and few of these are skilled positions.  Of the skilled employees, we wonder how many are actually city residents.  Further, the bulk of La Nova’s employees have no regard whatever for the negative impact they perpetuate in our community.  They simply don’t care.  Just a couple of weeks ago, on Thursday night 6/12/08 at 1:15am , we were awoken by a fireworks display originating in La Nova’s parking lot.  We went outside to ask them to cease the activity, only to witness that it was not only the part-time La Nova’s pizza delivery guys doing this, but also La Nova’s management.  There were eight full-grown male adults lighting off fireworks in La Nova’s parking lot at 1:15am on a week-night, seemingly oblivious to the honest, hard-working residents who live all around the business and who have to get their children to school and go to work the next morning.  When we confronted them, the employees told us to “get used to it,” followed by laughter.  This is, by far, not an isolated incident.

La Nova’s employees are obnoxious, disrespectful, and detrimental to our community.  The blaring music from their car stereos, their late-night parking lot antics, and their drug use habits all negatively impact our neighborhood.  Check the 911-records from the last three years, and you’ll see how many late-night calls have been registered against La Nova’s for their disrespectful, unlawful, and disruptive behavior.  Two houses in the immediate area were raided for dealing heroin and crack-cocaine two years ago, and on more than one occasion we witnessed La Nova’s employees frequenting these houses on their breaks.  It’s easy to pick them out, because they wear brightly-colored La Nova’s t-shirts.

You have “[stressed] the importance of keeping [La Nova’s] in the Grant-Ferry area” (Buffalo News 6/3/08 ).  In light of everything above, can you please explain how the self-aggrandizing intentions of this business are more important to this community than the very real needs of its denizens?  Why does one pizzeria have your audience while all the homeowners of this neighborhood do not?  As far as we are concerned, the only cogent comments to come out of city hall so far on this issue were those of our Councilman, David Rivera, when he observed that “something stinks here” (Buffalo News 6/19/08).

The children in our area have no green space whatsoever.  Residents and homeowners do what we can with postage-stamp front yards, but the sidewalk is the kids’ main play venue.  A green space on this block would afford children and adults in the area a much needed respite from the concrete jungle and constant traffic that is otherwise our front yard.

The issue of 366 W. Ferry’s demolition is another interesting concern.  There are several houses in the area that have been on the demolition list much longer and are in a far greater blighted state than 366 was.  The owner lost the property in housing court just last summer.  We walked through the property with the Real Estate Division’s maintenance crew right after the city acquired it, and as compared with other nearby blighted structures that we have also walked through, it was in poor but not particularly dangerous shape; we have the photographs to prove this claim.  We tried to acquire the property through John Hannon of the Real Estate division.  He rarely returned our phone calls and made the proposition of rehabilitating this structure such an uphill battle that we eventually gave up.  In retrospect, his agenda (your agenda) seems clear.

That the city fast-tracked and paid for demolition of this property, with full knowledge of La Nova’s parking lot interest well before the demo, reeks of political favoritism, cronyism, and abuse of taxpayer monies.  If Mr. Bockstahler of 65 Arnold St. had gone to the Buffalo Real Estate division before 366 was demolished to express his interest in the property for the purpose of expanding his backyard and increasing his property value (and, in turn, his property taxes, as his assessment would certainly increase), it is likely the real estate division would have told him that he needed to pay for the asbestos abatement and demolition, and with La Nova’s agenda in mind, would probably have put so many roadblocks in his way that he, too, would have given up.

In light of a considerable counter-offer the city received last week for the lot, why would the city want to settle for La Nova’s $3,700 for this property?  Aren’t there other considerations that should be deliberated?  The monetary value that the neighboring property owners stand to lose with the installation of a parking lot is much greater than the $3,700, $4,700, or even $10,000 that the city could expect from this sale.  The monetary loss that neighboring property owners would suffer should far outweigh any benefit that a private parking lot would afford.  Before the city ushers in a new parking lot for La Nova’s, why doesn’t the city hold La Nova’s accountable for maintaining the property they have?  It isn’t that we begrudge La Nova’s the opportunity to continue their business – we don’t – it’s that we can’t take any more of their negative impact on our community, and we abhor their existing irresponsible business practices.

Mayor Brown, this decision will have an enormous effect on our quality of life in this neighborhood.  As far as the many people who have voiced their opinions in this matter are concerned, for whatever reason, you have chosen to take up the agenda of one pizzeria over the very reasonable agenda of the many taxpayers, property owners, community activists, and voters of Buffalo .  You have the opportunity to do the right thing here.  In the long-term, it is in the best interest of the City of Buffalo that the denizens of this area are owner-occupied, property-maintaining, voting taxpayers with access to green space.  Alienating these individuals, particularly in such a high-profile manner and in such a high-profile location, will be something that those involved will be very slow to forget.  This is an opportunity to do something meaningful and lasting for our residential community.  Please do the right thing.


Scott Talvitie & Erika Hedberg

Cc:  City Clerk Gerald Chwalinski; Councilmember David Rivera; Councilmember Brian Davis; Councilmember Richard Fontana; Councilmember David Franczyk; Councilmember Joseph Golombek; Councilmember Michael Kearns; Councilmember Michael LoCurto; Councilmember Bonnie Russell; Councilmember Demone Smith; Robert Franke, Exec. Dir. Grant Ferry Association; Harvey Garrett, Exec. Dir. West Side Community Collaborative; Zoning Board Chairman James Lewis III; Brian Meyer; Buffalo News Editor; Artvoice Editor; Buffalo Rising Editor; Buffalo Rocket Editor

  • BillsFan

    I love LaNova’s Pizza and LaNova’s loves the Bills. More parking means more pizza and wings, more pizza and wings means more happy Bills fans. Tear down more houses and make way for tailgaters and Bills fans. If those letter writers spent more time watching the Bills, Buffalo would be a better place. Go Bills!!!!

  • Tim

    Sounds like Buffalo’s “leadership” is at it again. There’s clearly something fishy going on here. The only thing that an agenda based on pushing homeowners and communities out of urban areas does is increase crime an urban sprawl, two things that Buffalo has no shortage of. What urban planners need to be doing is attracting people to downtown, not pushing them away. What about developing the waterfront or knocking down some abandoned factories to make parks or housing?

    If you were a true fan you’d be at the game instead of a pizzeria. Getting wasted, eating junk-food and causing a ruckus does nothing to show your support of the Bills, and only gives football–and it’s fans–a bad name.

  • Bill’s Fan

    It’s a sell out season Tim, not enough seats in the Ralph for all the Bills Fans!!! So, those of us without a ticket to the Ralph go to LaNova’s!!! How dare you call LaNova’s junk food!!! The city needs to build more parking for LaNova’s and a new stadium downtown that can hold more Bill’s Fans. They can tear down more abbandoned houses near LaNova’s and build the stadium there.

    Go Bill’s. Eat at LaNova’s. Pizza and Wings, that says Buffalo to the world. And, the only thing fishy going on is the FishFry on Friday at LaNova’s. Go Bill’s, Beat the Fish.

  • Scott

    There is a petition of 250 signatures, all local residents in support of a micro park/green space, that accompanied this letter.

  • BillsFan

    Park, just park your car in front of LaNova’s. LaNova’s is a friend to Buffalo. It invests in the city, creates jobs, da da da da da da….. Don’t slap LaNova’s in the face like this. Who needs another park in Buffalo. We need more parking in Buffalo so Bills fans can tailgate. If you want a park, buy some land and pay for it yourself. LaNova’s will pay taxes on top of all the other positive things it does for Buffalo. LaNova’s sends wings and pizza to the troops in Iraq. You are angry, anti-Buffalo culture, anti-Bills, pukes. Rise up BUFFALO, support LaNova’s, support the Bills, support the troops, support our way of life in WNY. Stop a small group of Buffalo haters!!!!

    Go Bills!!!!

  • Scott

    Once again, last night, we were treated to another 1am fireworks display and parking lot party courtesy of some of the fine employees of LaNova’s. The police came quickly and told them to go home, which they did. Until the police left. Then they regrouped and went right back to their antics. I went outside a second time, now closer to 2 am, to find some of the other residents from this neighborhood outside and complaining about the noise as well. I was met by an obnoxious teenager, being held back by several of his friends (I assume for my safety) who screamed at me “Do you know who I am!?! I’m James C. Carter and Joe Todaro is my Uncle!, go back in your house!” I asked him where he lived so I could go over to his parents house and blow off fireworks for his family at 2 in the morning, but he declined to give his address. After a beautiful evening of sailing on Lake Erie, this was a horrible way to end the day, or at 2am, start the next one.

  • The last time I heard fire works late in the evening was when the Bills scored during Monday Night Football. Go Bills. I seriously question the accuracy of the last post. First, LaNova’s has been in the neighborhood longer than any resident who blogs here. So, you moved in knowing LaNova’s was there and open late to provide vital services to Bills fans. Second, fireworks are illegal in Buffalo, so if any fireworks were used the police would have made multiple arrests. This all smells like an anti-LaNova’s propaganda efforts. These gentrifiers have to be stopped before Buffalo is turned into a Latte and poodle parlor.

    Does the bloger think we are stupid? He claims to have been sailing yesterday. Sailing on Tuesday afternoon, who are you kidding. Some rich guy who doesn’t work is sailing, and he lives in the neighborhood around LaNova’s. Give me a break. The bloger is obviously a worker for a rival pizza place. Stop trying to spread lies about LaNova’s. Stop by the store, appologize for your lies on this blog and maybe the owner of LaNova’s will give you a free slice of pizza just to show there are no hard feelings. The owner of LaNova’s is a great guy with a big heart. He even serves Jets fans.

    GO BILLS!!!! GO LANOVA’S!!!!

  • Scott

    Bill’s “Fan”
    I’m sure the owner of LaNova’s is a great guy. I don’t doubt he has a big heart.
    I’d bet you 50 yard line seats at the Ralph he is not aware of what happens when the pizzeria closes and what kind of disruptive behavior his employees engage in after hours. Further, Buffalo has sailing races on the lake every Tuesday and Wednesday and you don’t have to be rich to crew on a boat. I seriously doubt your fanhood or you would have your season tickets. God bless the U.S.A. Go Bill’s!

  • Bill’s Fan

    This is proof that you say mean things about LaNova’s without even meeting your neighbor who owns the place. Make peace my friend. Go to LaNova’s and join the Bills fan club. Welcome friend, welcome Bills fans. Have a slice of LaNova’s delicious pizza.

    Thanks for offering to buy me season tickets. I am a poor, but loyal Bills fan. Leave them at will call for me under the name Billy Brown. If you are feeling really generous, leave another set of tickets for my wife Layla.

    PS: if you hear from Scott Woods, tell him we forgive him and he can come back to the Ralph to kick around some ideas for LaNova’s.

  • JustPizzaFanADDICT

    Bill’s Fan, where do you live? Maybe La Nova’s would lend you their minimum wage slaves for a late-night fireworks show in your front yard! Whad’ya say?!? Tempting, I know…

    La Nova’s is overpriced and their pizza is greasy. GO JUST PIZZA!

  • Bill’s Fan

    Just Pizza is 1/2 as good as LaNova’s. They cut their pizza in squares, yuk!!! And, greasy, Just Pizza is Just as greasy. Plus, Just Pizza is a Bills mecha.

    Any time the fireworks show wants to come to my neighborhood, they are welcome (as long as the fireworks are legal). In fact, stop by any of my friends or family members homes, and bring your Bills lawn chairs.

    You are also welcome to have the fireworks show in front of any elected official’s house (in the city or suburbs).

  • Vinny

    I agree, if “Bills fan” went to MISTER PIZZA the money he would save would get him Buffalo Bills season tickets. By claiming to be poor you are obviously the one making with the half truths because you have the money to burn eating at LaNovas, the most expensive pizza in town. All you have to do is switch pizzerias, and you too could go to the Bills games. No self respecting fan would choose pizza over the Bills. Your fanhood is not in question, because it’s obvious your not a real Bills fan. Tear LaNovas down for more tailgate parking and have the pizza delivered to the park. Everybody happy? That was easy. GO MISTER PIZZA and you too could have season tickets!!!

  • Jeff

    Everyone is missing the point. It’s tacos. The taco’s at the new Elmwood Taco, blow LaNovas taco’s back to Sicily. That’s the real story. Well that and the story about the moron who thinks we have too many parks in buffalo! Go ELMWOOD TACO!!!

  • BufSk8ter

    Has anyone read the original letter?

  • Tim

    These people are trying to fix their broken community, mostly for the sake of the kids in the neighborhood, not money. Billsfan is trying to turn a serious discussion into pizza and wings. Who has pizza and wings on his mind all the time? It’s like the Wizard of Oz saying “Hey kids, forget about it, don’t look behind the curtain, there’s pizza and wings over here!”. Dragging the Buffalo Bills name into this to make it seem un-American to oppose him is truly in poor taste.

  • Erie Say_lore

    Bill’sFan, Scott is right, you don’t have to be rich to crew on a sailboat but you do have to be able to say more than “go Bills” and “eat pizza”. This would explain why you don’t know anything about it. The races start at 5:30pm Every Tuesday and Wednesday. Plenty of time to work all day and go sailing in the evening. GO SAILING!

  • Louie

    I think Jims Steakout has the best chicken finger sub.

  • Jim

    I think Louie’s on Elmwood has the best double bacon cheese burger.

  • BillsFan

    All these blogs are making me hungry. There may be cheaper pizza’s in Buffalo and some quality wings and cheeseburgers, but LaNova’s is the standard. I would gladdly pay a little more for a LaNova’s pizza, and for lunch, they have a great deal on their special. With more parking, you can’t miss.

    One thing that has always got my crow (the taco comment brought this one up), what the hell is Mighty Taco supposed to be. I am calling for a boycott of MT, it is not a taco by any measure and any place that sells nachos in prepackaged tostedos bags should be shut down. There sause is also just ragu and you don’t put a slice of cheese on a taco. BOYCOTT MT!!!!! GO BILLS!!!!

  • JustPizzaFanADDICT

    Soggy over priced pizza is the standard? You need to get out a little more.

  • GoPack!

    la novas doesn’t want the parking for their customers, they want it for their suv’s. they probably won’t even let their customers park there if they get the lot. they are sick of paying rotundo rent to park their many vehicles at rt’s, the old custard stand on corner of ferry and parkdale, and rotundo won’t sell them the rts property.
    la nova’s couldn’t care less about their customers or where they park. they just want the money and take it out to the suburbs. real winners. just like the bills.

  • Bill’s Fan

    LaNova’s has a 100% committment to the city. I guess you forgot that the place burned down and was rebuilt. Hardly taking money to the suburbs. Investing in the city and bringing jobs. Soggy pizza, no way, crisp and crunchy!!! Watch that anti-Bills language. The Bills are the best small market team in the NFL and the team with the most fans nationally. Everyone loves the Bills. Go Bills!!! GoPack is obviously a Green Bay fan and should reveal it.

    Let’s have a pizza taste off in Buffalo. Just like the wing fest, we’ll call it pizza fest. Then we can settle this debate on the court. It can be in the HSBC center in the middle of winter. Imagine the smell of pizza through the building. Yum.

    I’ll tell you about a business that has taken the money to the suburbs. Mighty Taco. MT is evil. It is the bland, fake, uncreative suburbs at the worst.

    Boycott MT!!! Eat LaNova’s!!! Go Bills!!!

  • Vinny

    BillsFan, I’m sorry you feel LaNovas has no commitment to the city. It’s a bit harsh to call LaNovas evil and bland, but one does tend to agree. While it’s true LaNovas has opened in Williamsville, calling the suburbs uncreative just shows you are a LaNovas stooge. You are right no one can forget that suspicious fire. How dare you propose that Buffalo does not revolve around LaNovas and that the Anchor Bar says chicken wings from Buffalo to the world.

  • GoPack!

    Two years ago I started having the “runs”. I could not figure out why until I started eliminating (no pun intended) things from my diet, one food at a time. The culprit? Lanovas pizza slices. When a fresh pizza comes out of the oven for slices it’s slid right onto the counter top behind the “sneeze guard”. The counter top is cleaned with a nasty rag and some sort of bleach solution in a spray bottle. The 400 degree pie then leaches up the cleaning solution from the counter top and flavors the slice. For those of you who think a Formica countertop is smooth and impenetrable, under a microscope it looks like a sponge. That explains the bleach taste. No more slices, no more runs.

    BillsFan, your about as sharp as a stick of butter. You would be right at home in a European soccer riot. Tearing down stadiums, beating-up opposing fans. How astute of you to figure I’m a Green Bay fan. When all the opposing players and fans have been “silenced” you’ll be playing with yourself. Again.

  • Scott

    This should be about whether 366 Ferry becomes a park, parking lot or a yard. That’s the real debate.

  • Bill’s Fan

    Give it up for LaNova’s. Scott is right, this is about 366 Ferry becoming a parking lot. Parking lot is the way to go, LaNova’s gives so much to the city, it is the city’s turn to give them their parking lot.

    LaNova’s Pizza is superb, eat it and you will agree. I don’t mean to say that other pizza isn’t good as well, or other wings. But, LaNova’s is to Buffalo what the Mona Lisa is to Paris. You can’t go to Buffalo without seeing LaNova’s.

    Remember to BOYCOTT MIGHTY TACO!!!!

    Go Bills!!! Free Lynch!!!!

    If anyone saw the woman dancing in the street on Chippowa at 3:30 am when the hit and run happened with Lynch’s SUV call Ralph Wilson at once. The mysterois dancing woman is a key witness and can help Lynch get his drivers license back.

  • Tim

    You know a lot about a Lanovas, show us what your talking about. Please explain what Lanovas gives “so much of” to the city of Buffalo?

  • Bill’s Fan

    Jobs to Buffalo residents, recognition across the country, pizza and wings to the troops in Iraq and Afganistan, a valuable service (i.e. pizza and wing delivery) to city residents, economic development, the resolve to stay in Buffalo, leadership in civic affairs, the freshest cheese and dough for their pizzas, etc… etc… etc….

    Three cheers for LaNova’s. Let them move forward with their plans to redevelop and pay taxes on a vacant lot and use it as a vital part of their business. Move forward with the parking lot paving. Also, keep the boycott of Mighty Taco going, we are having an impact on them now!!!

    GO BILLS!!!!!

  • Tim

    Job’s Don’t make me laugh. I would like to see you try and make a living driving pizzas around. Every driver I know is struggling to support himself, let alone a family. You send some pizza to Iraq which was a tax write off AND your still milking it as a publicity stunt. I commend your efforts with our troops, but you still made out better than the soldiers did. Sorry, but “Anchor Bar” say wings to the world from Buffalo. You can’t take that from them. No one I know who lives outside of Buffalo has even heard of Lanovas. A different story with the “Anchor Bar”. Get real. I’m interested in the “leadership in civic affairs” part. Just what does that mean? Sounds like a title with no job. Mass produced, pre-packaged, corporate cheese is the freshest cheese? Is that the best you can do? I ask you again, what is Lanovas giving “so much of” to the City? Could it be BS?

  • Scott

    WHO CARES ABOUT CHEESE!! The kids on this block could use a little more green space. The neighborhood could use a little more green space. Why can’t La Nova use the parking lots behind the restaurant? Could you people drop the food fight? I smell La Nova every day and it smells good. Go look at the corner.

  • Bill’s Fan

    Every time someone wants to block development in Buffalo they call for more greenspace. This is insane. There are more parks per capita in Buffalo than any other city in the country. There are so many that it bankrupts the city and county to maintain them, and most are poorly maintained and magnets for the drug trade. The cost of maintaining the parks is so great it has drained resources for most structured programs for kids (i.e. sports, after school programs, etc….) So, the last thing the neighborhood needs is a makeshift pocket park on an abandoned lot. LaNova’s would pave the lot and keep it up to code, not to mention pay taxes for it.

    Go through the neighborhood, pick any of the abandonded houses or houses with multiple code violation which are on their way to the demo list. Then buy the property from the city or the slumlord who owns it, tear it down, and turn it into your own private park for the kids. But, don’t block LaNova’s efforts to do economic development in the neighborhood, create jobs for the kids, and make the greatest pizza in the world.

    Yes, the kids in the neighborhood need greenspace, greenspace in their wallets. LaNova’s fan fill that need with jobs for the neighborhood kids and warm pizza for their bellies. At LaNova’s the kids have a place to spend their time and hard earned money, and do something constructive, watch the Bills. GO BILLS!!!!

    LaNova’s will also run the drug dealers out of the neighborhood. No drug dealers will try to peddle their poison in LaNova’s lot, because the LaNova’s crew will rund them out of town and keep them away from the neighborhood kids. LaNova’s will provide the kids with a place to work, a safe place to hang out and watch the Bills (GO BILLS!!!), and something desperately needed in the neighborhood, role models.

    Will you patrol the pocket park you propose to build? Will you run the drug dealers out of the neighborhood? Will give jobs to the kids? Will you be a role model for the Kids? Will you teach the kids about the Bills (GO BILLS!!!)? That’s leadership and civic affairs.

    GO BILLS!!!! (boycott Mighty Taco!!!!)

  • Jackie

    Hey Bill’s Fan, I live across the street from LaNovas and I have for 20 years. This lot, 366, is on my side of the block, and is not part of the empire that LaNova already has across the street on the triangle. This is not your neighborhood, and from reading your ignorant posts, I am very glad it is not, so I don’t understand how you can even remotely have a stake in defending LaNovas desire to park SUV’s on my side of the block. You, sir or madam, are part of the problem, not the solution. There is not one neighbor for blocks around who is agreement with the idea of turning this lot over to more blacktop.
    I mantain my property in the middle of the block with a garden that was, in great part, created by the children of this neighborhood. While I respect the business LaNovas does, I also know that they are often inconsiderate of those who actually live in this vicinity. Many of the drivers take off at break neck speed from their lot, and one driver in particular actually struck a bicyclist, but the cops let him go. (Yes, this was reported to the Mayor’s complaint line by another resident, and nothing was done.) As far as cleaning up the area from drug traffic, we as a neighborhood are not happy with this deterioration, and have made our voices heard to the proper authorities. It is because of resident’s complaints, NOT LaNovas, that a video camera was installed at 19th and Hampshire Street. As a matter of fact, drug deals go on FREQUENTLY, right in the parking lot during business hours. As I sit on my steps, I have seen numerous workers leave on a break, wander into the intersection, and make their purchases of weed and crack, only to return to work to make that oh so tasty pizza pie you so lovingly defend. Do I need to start videotaping or photographing what REALLY goes on? I would be happy to, Bill’s Fan.
    It is because of MY side of the block, that patrols to our area have stepped up, and loitering has ceased. NOT LaNovas. The workers do, in fact, end their 1 am shifts with noise and blaring music. My school age children have been woken up repeatedly between 1 and 2 am to loud discussions, music and fireworks. Last year, on my birthday, at almost 2 in the morning, a fly-by-night parking lot paver, arrived at LaNovas to resurface the lot. Do you know what he did? Of course not, you don’t live here. Well, Bill’s Fan, I do. He started up a large, loud machine and proceeded to blow all of the considerable left-over garbage from the parking lot, most of it stamped with lips or the name “LaNovas,” across the street against the Hampshire side curb. When I calmly walked over to ask if he would be cleaning it up, he began to string together a series of profanity at me that would have made George Carlin blush. “It wasn’t his job to clean up the garbage, only to pave.” This is a wonderful representation of the calibre of much of LaNova’s workforce. These are same types who, after hours, throw a football around in the parking lot, which of itself is no big deal, but then curse, laugh and talk at the top of their voices as if they are the last few people on the planet.
    Yes, they have done charitable things for the community, but then again, so have I. The difference is, Mr. Todaro (any of the three, take your pick…senior, jumior or number 3) doesn’t have garbage to clean up from every lawn on their block, and I’m sure they get a good night’s sleep without their crack and weed smoking employees waking them up at 2 in the morning. Lastly, their pizza, while certainly acceptable, holds a monopoly in the immediate area on take out, and they have raised their prices based on the laws of supply and demand.
    I’ll be watching for you Bill’s Fan. You now know where to find me.

    GO SABRES!!!

    Still care to argue with me, Bill’s Fan? You can find me most nights outside, watching over my neighborhood.

  • Bill’s Fan

    This is a sad day for LaNova’s. A handfull of neighborhood cranks insist on trying to ruin a Buffalo institution. Where is the evidence for these outlandish claims.

    Obviously the reason the person who had a car accident with the bike rider was not charged with anything (if it ever happened) is because the bike rider was at fault. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 99% of car-bike collisions are the bike riders fault. Usually, the bike riders do not obey the rules of the road and get in accidents as a result. If you really cared about bike safety, you’d lobby City Hall to license bike riders in the city. Many law obiding LaNova’s customers have their cars damaged by unlawful bike riders. Thanks for keeping this issue alive.

    All I am left with is your admission that LaNova’s pizza is great, the restaurant supplies the neighborhood with great service, the kids playing football are not a problem, and LaNova’s is a civic leader (even inspiring you to get involved in philanthropy and neighborhood improvement). According the the FACTS you present, LaNova’s is excellent.

    GO BILLS!!!!
    Again, you claim LaNova’s employees are smoking pot and crack, and dealing drugs in the restaurant parking lot. Convienently, you offer no proof. Put your camera to work and snap some photos, call the police, demand justice. Without evidence, I have to question the validity of your claims, after all, you have a motive to spread these rumors (along with the ones about the birthday blacktop paver, etc…). If any of these thing went on there would be a police report, so lets see the police report and statements.

  • Jackie

    Hi again, Bills Fan. LaNovas pizza is not the tastiest. Only on Tuesdays when it is pizza night. You’ve just talked me out of ever ordering from them again. LaNovas did not inspire me to get involved with philanthropy. I do it because I am a decent person. I care about the neighborhood because this property is an investment we have made here, both financially and socially. I do it so the kids and teens in my neighborhood have somewhere nice to hang out and to be, with someone who cares about other people, and not just the almighty dollar. The late night football games are not, as I mentioned, the problem. Bill’s Fan, it is the NOISE. After CLOSING. Nearly every night. Our complaint is because of the lack of respect for the residents that live in this intersection. Yes, some workers buy drugs, and then return to work. They do. I’m supposed to walk up to them as they make a transaction, and request “say cheese…?” The police have been told. The police have also spoken to the workers on several occasions recently about the noise at 1 am. The workers disband, and then come back to make more noise because they believe they are superior to the residents. One night last week, one of the revelers said to my neighbor, “don’t you know who I am? I’m Todaro’s nephew.” Who cares? Where does that give him the right to wake us up at 2 o’clock in the morning?
    As far as the paver story…it is all true, and I DID take pictures, of the man, his machines and the garbage along the entire curb towards 18th street, and my husband did call the police, which prompted the paver to continue to curse at me like the complete loser he obviously is. (Are you related to him?) My husband spoke with Mr. Todaro the next day, and he brought my husband around to the side of the building to show how he was having the workers clean the glass. Ha, a few hours later, there was a film crew here to film part of the chicken wing documentary. Of course they had to wash the windows that day.
    As far as the bike accident, if you hit and injured someone, even if the swerved in your path, you’d have no remorse? Oh, if he had a Bill’s jacket on, you might. This was photographed by the citizen, who was told by police that there was no need to take pitures. It has been reported to the Mayor’s Complaint Line repeatedly, but because LaNova is an empire, nothing was done. FACT. This same driver, as well as several others, take of out of the parking lot at 45 mph. This same driver followed me home from the now defunct Latinas grocery store, and was right on my rear bumper, so much so that as I pulled into my driveway, he almost rear-ended me. So, you expect me to be thrilled that LaNova wants to pull in and out of a parking lot on MY side of the block? If you do, sir, or madam, you are clearly nuts.
    This argument is not about LaNova’s food, or the bike riders damaging parked vehicles in their lot (that statement you made about bike riders is also nuts,) as there are hardly ever bikes in that lot. It is about the efforts of ordinary citizens who respect the right of a business to operate, but demand equal consideration and respect in return. We prefer a green space to another blacktopped surface on OUR block. This is NOT LaNovas block.

    Hmm, so how long have you worked there?
    Mighty Taco sounds good right about now.

    Oh, and by the way, each of these incidents have been marked and recorded with a police report, or a letter from the Mayor’s Complaint department. I’ll leave it to you to do the legwork and ask to see them. Precint D is on Hertel, I’m sure they still have the copies.

  • Bill’s Fan

    If you are telling the truth, then my whole world will be turned insideout. Without LaNova’s Buffalo will spiral into the abyss. You must really want LaNova’s to close down if you would even joke about Mighty Taco sounding good.

    Make peace with your neighbor. Do it for Buffalo, do it for the Bills. Maybe you can take your concerns to CitiStat. Maybe you and Todaro can have peace talks on CitiStat. That would be great to watch while I eat some LaNova’s pizza. Just be sure to schedule your peace talks before football season starts. If you don’t we’ll all be watching the Bills, GO BILLS!!!!

    BTW: you aren’t trying to trick us are you. A smart cookie would try to block the LaNova’s parking lot, and then turn around and sell her property to LaNova’s for a cool profit. Is your goal to make your property the new LaNova’s parking lot? I hope you are not a flipper.

  • Jackie

    No, I have no plans on leaving this block, at least any time soon. I’m not a flipper and have owned my house for twenty years.
    I am not asking for LaNova’s to close down, or stop making their pizzas, or sending their wings everywhere in the free world.
    What I am asking is that they leave the corner lot on my side of the block free from blacktop, allow us some greenspace, and that the workers stop making noise at 1 in the morning when my family is trying to sleep.
    A little respect goes a long way in sustaining a business and a community.

  • Tim

    Billsfan, you ignorant slut. Lanovas has the freshest cheese? Thank god you don’t serve wine. I bet you would buy the freshest wine too. In a box.
    Only a bleach blond bimbo, ex-trophy wife whose looks are fading fast could come up with such tripe. I know it’s counterintuitive, but try to THINK before you open your mouth. Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  • Bill’s Fan

    Jackie I have little sympathy for you. You seem to be the neighborhood crank. LaNova’s has been in Buffalo for over 50 years, you moved into their neighborhood well after they made it what it is. Now you want to make demands on LaNovas, you want them to change what they do because you came along 30 years after the fact and decided to harass them. You knew where you were moving to and now don’t like it. Too bad. You act like LaNova’s invaded your peaceful street, when the truth is the street has been a bussiness area for decades and you moved there, probably to be close to the action.

    You say you don’t want LaNova’s on your side of the street, and it should stay on the triangle. How unreasonable can you be. LaNova’s has every right to protect its business from a jonny come lately like you. If you own the rights to your side of the street, then pay the property taxes for all the vacant property there. Next you will be trying to block all the new low-income housing projects that have been approved for the street. I am sure that is next, complain about LaNova’s and then try to keep poor people from moving into the area to live in new subsidized housing.

    Please. You and your buddy Tim should go gentrify someone elses neighborhood. Pocket parks, give me a break. Pocket parks are another work for block access to business and affordable housing.

    I am going to go to LaNova’s, eat an entire pizza with the works, and count down to the kickoff of the Bills 08 season. GO BILLS!!!

  • Tim

    Billsfan you ignorant slut. Lanovas made this neighborhood what it is? It’s pretty much in ruins. Thank a lot.
    No one is telling you to change. People are asking your employee’s to STOP BREAKING THE LAW. You don’t live here, so you don’t know what I’m talking about.
    (because your an ignorant slut)
    I don’t care if you got here 200 years ago, your still an ignorant slut.

    Are you seriously pointing out abandoned houses in the area on one hand and then telling people to go fix houses somewhere else? You ignorant slut.
    Your not City Hall. You don’t get to make the decisions. Sorry. Your one stupid pizza place with delusions of grandeur. Wake up.
    This neighborhood is a small swimming pool and your pissing in it. You ignorant slut. Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  • GoPack!

    If your eating a whole lanovas pie, prepare for the runs.

  • Tim

    Billsfan, you’re an ignorant slut.

  • Tim

    Your whole world will be turned upside down? That will just make it right side up, you ignorant slut. Your ‘world’ is a fake plastic place where people are two faced lying lawbreakers. Do you think we’re stupid? You’re as transparent as a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar. As word spreads of your runs-inducing bleach-infested pizza, it can’t be good for business. So keep it up! You ignorant slut. Have a nice day and a pleasant tomorrow.

  • Scott

    Poor LaNovas, being harassed by the neighbors. What are these crazy neighbors doing? ASKING NOT TO BE WOKEN UP AT 1:30 am EVERY NIGHT!. Oh crazy neighbors. “Stopping Buffalo’s business growth”. What will these “Cranks”, “pukes” and “haters” do next?

    Billsfan, if you like football and fireworks so much, why don’t you come to LaNovas at 1am. and bring your Bills lawn chair. Don’t worry if it’s legal or not. But let’s face it, your interest with this neighborhood stops when the cash register turns off. If you’re speaking for LaNovas, you’re kind of making my point.

    Also, I know for a fact, the employee’s at the Williamsville location do not engage in this type of disruptive behavior.

  • Bill’s Fan

    GO BILLS!!!! GO LA NOVA’S!!!!

    I ate the whole pizza, feel great, and am going for another one. I was at the Williamville location for a sub the other day. Excellent. Even tossed the football around in the parking lot after they closed. No hastles there, the neighbors love the place. I’m king of the world!!!

    GO BILLS!!!! GO LA NOVA’S!!!!

  • Tim

    Has all that fresh wine and fresh cheese gone to your head? You must be on your second box. Bills fan you ignorant slut. Try it at 1:30 am, with fireworks like they do over here. Are you saying you can blow off fireworks and play football at 1am on Main street in Williamsville, you ignorant slut? Then your a lying sack of shit and everyone can see. Why are you trying to deceive? No one believes the bullshit coming out of your pie hole, and yet you persist, you whole pizza eating ignorant slut. Prepare for the mudslide. You must like a fresh bleach taste. That’s the problem with you, someone forgot to tell you your not the king of the world. You share this neighborhood with other people. It’s called “delusions of grandeur” look it up. You ignorant slut. Your ignorance can not be outdone. At least your the King of Ignorance! Oh and King of illegal noise and parking lot trash. I ask again you ignorant slut, what does your shitty little pizzeria do for this neighborhood other than abuse it with your garbage and noise?? Your an asshole and you know it. Go look at the garbage left over every morning in your parking lot. Put down the 1am football and pick up a broom you nasty litter bug. LaNovas attitude is a disgrace to the neighbors and neighborhood. The neighbors are only asking that you turn down the after hours noise and clean up your garbage from the days business at the end of the business day. LaNovas reply? FUCK YOU.

    With Google’s help, I’ve translated your blogs from your native language(Bullshit) into English. It’s not perfect, but here it is.

    Lie lie lie lie lie lie, LaNova’s! Lie lie lie pizza! lie lie lie lie Go Bills! Lie lie care’s lie!!! Lie lie lie lie when lie lie lie, lie then lie. Nonsense lie B.S. lie lie football.

  • Scott

    Hmmm… interesting translation Tim. I’m not as aggro as you, but here’s my take on BillsFan’s attitude. Besides denial.

    We will leave garbage in our lot all night to blow all over your neighborhood, which is now your responsibility because now it’s in your yard.

    We will park where ever we want. On the sidewalk, in the bus stop or any other “no parking” zone.

    We will do what we want in your neighborhood after 11pm. This includes shouting, drinking, playing football or lighting off fireworks. Until WE have had enough and want to go home.

  • Pomeroy

    Let’s get back to the facts here…
    First of all La Nova’s doesn’t have the best pizza around, far from it,
    Mr. Pizza on Elmwood and Bird does!
    La Nova’s has the best wings!

    I’ve read the letter that was addressed to Mayor Byron Brown two weeks ago; what was his response?

    Bill’s Fan’s idea of discussing this matter on Citistat should be considered.
    The sales of Pizza, Wings and LaBatts would go through the roof.
    (Jimmy Griffin would have suggested at least one six-pack per person).
    In a few months Byron Brown’s brain trust could then come up with a very complicated non-answer to Scott & Erika’s simple request.
    It would confuse all sides; and the sales of LaBatts would then increase as more and more people tuned into Citistat for entertainment and as the viewership needed more and more alcohol to understand it.

    After the program; Moe, Jackie, Bill’s Fan, Scott & Erika, Tim and all others could lift their brews and salute: “Citistat, you ignorant ****!”

    (But seriously folks; what was the Mayor’s response regarding 366 West Ferry?)

  • Bill’s Fan

    They had firworks in the sky over both LaNova’s locations last night. Gog bless America!!! Go Bills!!!

    LaNova’s defines the neighborhood. You all moved there long after LaNova’s. You knew what you were moving next to. You drank your LaBatts and ate your pizza too. Now I drink your milkshake. I will see you on CitiStat and have a slice of LaNova’s pizza while I watch and laugh at he funny little people.

    GO BILLS!!!!

  • Erika

    To answer your question, Pomeroy, so far we haven’t received any reply from the Mayor’s office whatsoever. It has been two weeks since we delivered our letter to the Mayor, Councilmembers, et al. During the last Council session, the issue was discussed in committee, and was tabled for later discussion. Perhaps the most interesting subject for Citistat would be the fast-tracked demolition of 366 W. Ferry in light of La Nova’s expressed interest in the property *before* it was razed, and the real estate division’s acceptance of a downpayment from La Nova’s in spite of the fact that other parties had expressed interest in the property, and the Council hadn’t yet voted on the issue. Wonder how much the asbestos abatement and demolition cost Buffalo taxpayers… and to think the city was ready to sell it to La Nova’s for a mere $3,700!

  • Pomeroy

    The Buffalo News is presently in the middle of a three part series on why decisions to harm the city (like at 366 West Ferry)are being made in city hall.
    “Artvoice has been reporting on these situations for months!”
    Steve Casey has concluded that all decisions between possible campaign donors and The People of Buffalo favor the donors.
    And why not? Casey and Brown aren’t from around here.
    Brown wants to replace Louise Slaughter in Congress representing Rochester and Casey/Brown can move again, leaving South Buffalo Councilman Mickey Kearns to clean up their mess.
    WBEN 930 AM Radio explained most of this on Sunday morning; “The Kevin Hardwick Show!”

    Good Luck Mayor Kearns, you certainly have your work cut out for you!

  • Bill’s Fan

    Oh please,I am sure they both have copies of the Catcher in the Rye on their desks too. So, the test for being able to fix Buffalo is being from Buffalo. I think you have it backwards, the problems in Buffalo were created by incompetent, narrow minded Buffalo born Mayors in the past (take your pick). Now, some high quality people are making headway and the locals are trying to chase them out of town with their pitchforks and torches.

    Poor LaNova’s. Victimized by a few narrow minded cranks. I guess you want to kick all the Bills players out of town since they are from other places. Why not start with Jim Kelly, he is a non-Buffalo person. SHAME ON YOU.

    If Brown goes to DC, it will be the first mayor from Buffalo to make the leap. Proof he is the #1 mayor of all time in Buffalo.

    As always, GO BILLS!!!! GO Bills players from places that are not Buffalo. Thanks for coming here and trying to help our lesser citizens, our troglodytes.

    PS: LaNova’s is excellent, thanks for making the neighborhood all it can be. Geat fireworks the other night, keep on truckin. GO BILLS!!!!

  • Tim

    Gog bless you Billsfan, you ignorant slut.
    When will those “pukes” and “haters” stop hastling you?
    While your drinking my milkshake?
    It’s ignorant sluts like you that help keep this country where it is.
    Sadly, if you spent less time being an ignorant slut and more time getting hooked on phonics, this post could have been avoided.

    Thank you, now go back to your fresh wine, cheese and soggy bleach pizza!

  • Bill’s Fan

    Oh Tim,

    Stop trying to find a secret code in Catcher in the Rye. There isn’t one there. It’s an urban myth. I would recommend you read “Marv Lecy: Where Else Would You Rather Be?” by Marv Levy and Jim Kelly. You would like it, there are lots of pictures.

    GO BILLS!!!!

  • No Huddle

    Bills Fan,

    Since your understanding of history seems to stop at 1960, the year the Bills started play in the AFL, let me tell you that Mayor Brown has a long way to go by your standards to claim #1 mayor status. He’d have to out-do Grover Cleveland, who was Mayor of Buffalo, Sheriff of Erie County, Governor of New York, and President of the United States twice, serving two non-consecutive terms.

    Ever wonder why they call that school and that golf course “Grover Cleveland?” Now you know, dumbass.

  • Bill’s Fan

    Grover Cleveland, that’s a funny one. Real good person for the little people. Didn’t he order the murder of striking workers during the Pullman Strike. The bills would never support a guy who oppresses the people. La Nova’s would never go after striking workers. Get your Bills hardhat and load it with some LaBatts brother. GO BILLS.

    Grover Cleveland, ha ha ha. Is he related to Grover from Sesame Street. There is a family resemblance.

    I can’t wait to drive to La Novas and park in the new lot. GO BILLS!!!!

  • Tim

    The railroads had formed an organization called the General Managers Association. They announced that no one could tell them whom to hire, whom to fire, or how they should pay their workers. The twenty-four railroads that were part of the General Managers Association immediately tried to end the strike. They announced that any switchman who refused to move rail cars would be fired.

    Debs’s union announced that if a switchman was fired because he refused to move Pullman cars all the union members would walk off the job. By June 29, fifty thousand men had quit their jobs. Crowds of people who supported the strike began stopping trains. Soon there was no movement on the rails west of Chicago. In some places, fights broke out.

    In order to break the strike, the railroads needed help from federal troops. Getting their assistance, however, was a difficult task. The railroads could
    only get help from federal troops if the President agreed. President Grover Cleveland said that he would only send the aid of government troops if a governor requested them.

    The governor of Illinois was John P. Altgeld. He did not want to request troops because he believed that workers should have the same rights as their bosses. These ideas made the General Managers Association uneasy. The railroad managers started flooding the newspapers with stories that made Debs’s American Railroad Union seem like a violent and lawless gang and portrayed Eugene Debs as a radical. They claimed that unrest had always ended in violence and threatened that this strike would be the same. The railroads began sending people to work on railroads as strike breakers or scabs.

    Attorney General Richard Olney supported the General Managers Association because he believed that the railroads had the right to do things their way, and if the workers disagreed with the treatment they were receiving, they could quit. On June 29, 1894, Debs went to Blue Island and asked the railroad workers there if they would support the strike. The railroad workers there felt they were being discriminated against. Angry railroad workers in Blue Island began destroying the yards and burning anything that was flammable. Attorney General Olney requested President Cleveland to send federal troops into Chicago to break the strike.

    On July 2, 1894, Olney obtained an injunction from a federal court saying that the strike was illegal. When the strikers did not return to work the next day, President Cleveland sent federal troops into Chicago. This enraged strikers, and rioters began stopping trains, smashing switches, and, again, setting fire to anything that would burn. On July 7, another mob stopped soldiers escorting a train through the downtown Chicago area. Many people were killed or wounded from bullets.

    On July 10, 1894, Debs and three other union leaders were arrested for interferring with U.S. mail. They were released within a few hours, but Debs realized that continuing the strike would be a lost cause because of the federal troops.

    Most railroad workers resumed their old jobs and received the same wages as before. Some workers were put on a blacklist, which meant that no railroad in the United States was allowed to hire them. On July 17, 1894, Debs was sent back to jail and served a term of six months in jail. The union he had created no longer existed when he got out of jail.

    The Pullman Strike was important because it was the first time a federal injunction had ever been used to break up a strike. George Pullman was no longer regarded as an enlightened employer who took care of his workers, but as a greedy and intolerant man. He was offended by his workers’ ingratitude. Pullman worried that people would try to steal what was his from him. Shortly before he died in 1897, he requested that his grave be lined in concrete to keep looters from robbing him. Billsfan, you ignorant slut. Gog bless you.

  • Vinny

    Grover Cleveland ordered the murders? I think you mean Tony Soprano.

  • GoPack!

    Billsfan, you were asked to think before you open your pie hole.

    Maybe you should spend less time on Sesame street and more time on West Ferry.

    I’m not surprised to find you sympathize with Pullman. Who else can you use to help make your “point”? Hitler? Satan? I think you should go back and really read Catcher in the rye.

    Before you try and disparage our 22nd AND 24th president again, please consider that your like a fart in the wind compared to Grover Cleveland.

  • Bill’s Fan

    Hey you dolts,

    I was pointing out that Cleveland was the opressor for backing Pullman and the railroads.

    Sorry dolts, I am a card carrying union member. The Pullman strike and Haymarket riot were pivotal victories for working people in America.

    Without these victories workers would be too tired to stay up and watch the Bills, GO BILLS!!!!. And of course, they would not make a living wage, which would mean less money to spend on La Nova’s pizza and LaBatts.

    Go Unions, down with industrialists and the railroad moguls, up with La Nova’s and the Bills, GO BILLS!!!

    Build that parking lot so La Nova’s can grow and prosper.

  • Tim

    The Haymarket Riot was largely responsible for delaying acceptance of the eight-hour work day.

    After the Pullman strike Most railroad workers resumed their old jobs and received the same wages as before.

    On July 17, 1894, Debs was sent back to jail and served a term of six months in jail. The union he had created no longer existed when he got out of jail.

    How is that a pivotal victory for the American worker?

    Fresh cheese anyone?

  • Vinny

    You were not pointing anything out. You just confuse matters. You said “Didn’t he order the murder of striking workers during the Pullman Strike.” The answer to your question was that is incorrect, yet somehow you can’t quite grasp it.

  • Bill’s Fan

    You are just anti-union propaganda spreaders. That falls in line with your efforts to gentrify the area around LaNova’s and create CC&Rs that make it illegal for people to display Bills flags on their property (GO BILLS!!!), eat La Nova’s in public, or own dogs over 30 pounds.

    Nobody is trying to stop you from driving your electric car to Whole Foods to stock up on goat cheese. Why do you hate La Nova’s. Why do you hate cow cheese? Why so intolerant?

    Save La Nova’s, Stop Gentrification, eat cheese from cows, GO BILLS!!!!

    Remember, free parking at La Nova’s!!!!

  • Tim

    First of all Billsfan, your writing proves you dont know what your talking about.

    Because this city is broke it has no business knocking down a house for LaNovas pizzeria and then giving it away for less than the neighbors offered. You disguting puke… Get that into your fat head.

    John Hannon of the City Real Estate division has already acknowledged that Lanovas had expressed interest in the property BEFORE it was demolished.

    Then the City went ahead and fast tracked the demo AND paid for the work! WTF!

    I pay taxes in this City and I don’t want my money to pay for your parking lot, that none of the people who reside around here want. You ignorant slut.

    You had your chance to buy the house and knock it down your self. But like Pullman you love so much, your greedy and intolerant. Pretty sneaky trying to stick the citizens of Buffalo with the bill for your parking lot. You ignorant slut. The Buffalo Bills would never support such dishonesty.

    You fucked up by not buying the house outright in the first place. Now Citizens are crying foul over the illegal deal. Why wouldn’t they?

    Your just crying like a baby with his diapers full of shit.

    Why are people around here pissed at Lanovas? You try and get some sleep at 1 or 2 in the morning next to that place. The inmates have been running the asylum.

    Lanovas is over priced, runs inducing, bleach flavored, soggy pizza and cant accept the fact that Anchor Bar says wings to the world from Buffalo you greedy, intolerant, delusional snake.

    Free parking at Lanovas? hell park any where you want. On the sidewalk, in the bus stop, the no parking zone. Come on over! Why do you need more parking? You park where ever you feel like. I guess thats why you think the lot is already yours. You ignorant slut.

    I did not know Lanovas offers 30 pound dogs on the menu. Thanks for the tip.

  • Vinny

    The money you save getting the people of buffalo to pay for your demolition of 366 West Ferry, will surely afford you a concrete lined grave like Pullmans so no one can take your riches from you!

  • Bill’s Fan

    Tim, seek help. Anger management is in your future. Also, wash your mouth out with soap. You may want to have a talk with your priest.

    Sticks and stones dude.

    Next time you are up at 2am, head over to the LaNova’s parking lot and toss the football around. It may relax you so you can get some sleep.

    Vinny. Look around, the City of Buffalo is demoing everything in sight. Keep on swinging the wrecking ball City of Buffalo. Things are looking up with every gutted old house that comes down.

    In the mean time, it is great to know that LaNova’s new parking lot will reduce any illegal parking that goes on in the neighborhood when good intentioned LaNova’s patrons are in a hurry to eat all that great food. Or, of course, see the Bills or Sabres play on the TV. GO BILLS!!!!

    The City of Buffalo was smart to tear down that horrible old building. Now, La Nova’s can keep the parking lot in tip top shape, pay taxes on the property, and continue to be the stuart for the neighborhood.

    BTW: Anchor Bar makes some tasty wings too. Variety is the spice of Buffalo hot wings. I like to mix wings from LaNova’s and Anchor Bar in the same bucket, kick back and watch the Bills. GO BILLS!!!!! Oh, and toss back a few LaBatts too. GO Bills!!!!

  • Vinny

    Gentrify? sounds like rich speak for WE DO WHAT WE WANT.

  • jimmy

    ok my turn i have been working at lanova pizzeria one word people not 2 anyway i have been working ther since the age of 16 now 20 years of age i have learned alot for the owners and the managment at lanova each day i work i see more and more people come in not just to eat but also to see if there KIDS can get a job there again JOB if the people around lanova had jobs they would know what it is like to kick back and rest after along days work i see the same damn people outside when i wake up in the morning and when i leave from work at night get a damn job dont worrie about what we do as a compnay that provides not only good food to the people of bufalo but also other people around the united states not only will we continue to stay at 371 west ferry we will do it with the pride and still pump out the wonderful food that everyone has had at one point in there life now let me get to scott and erika you 2 have been in and out of Lanova more the once eating our food that you say ruins the community come on people get it together and wake up see what is right in front of you half the city stands behind lanova half of the signatures you have those people leave no where in the area that you guys are trying to keep clean as you say so dont say that half of the employees are not from the city again as people said in comments before me you guys knew what you were getting yourselves into moving across the street…… Now back to the late night partying you say we do i can recall one night after you called the cops which they did come and they did say that we were doing nothing wrong just move to the side of the buliding we did…….. my car parked in the front lot went to it to see scott waking towards another Lanova worker to start a fight also after erika was standing on the porch with a video camera recording us which is against the law look it up if you dont not know…… Scott and erika both the main people to cash a check that they def can not cash came of the porch and stared yelling at the top of there lungs telling us that if we do not go home they would call the cops after the the words of scott “kicked out ass or knock us out” scott drunk at this time kept pushing the issue of trying to fight with kids trying to work hard to make a living while they are in school….. Erika came of the porch in the parking lot that is oh so dirty all the time false people real false anyway erika came in the mix of things got into my face and started shouting at me using profane words and calling names thinks she is a grown women not at all comeone erika grow up both you and scott if you cant play nice they dont play at all even with the big boys

  • Scott

    Well that wraps it up. Thanks Jimmy. If anyone wants to talk about 366 Ferry over a slice of Lanova’s and a cold Labatt’s email me at:
    If this is blogging, Tim and Billsfan can keep it.

  • Bill’s Fan

    Jimmy pretty much said it all. I have one or two closing remark for you all on this topic. EVERYONE who lives and works around LaNova’s knew exactly what the area was like. So, all the protesting is just blowing hot air (or late night booze breath according to Jimmy). To Jimmy, be a little more considerate of the neighbors at 1am and they will calm down.

    It is almost NFL season. So, I have to pull for the Bills now. GO BILLS!!!!!! This is the year!!!!!

  • jimmy

    bills fan NOTHING has ever happend outside at 1am in the morning so nothing to be more coniderate about but im over that now i want some of this tim guy ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tim come to to play talkin about people you dont even know have you ever met any of the owners or there family each one of them will give you and ou kids the cloths of there back no questions ever asked timmy boy oh timmy boy you my friend also are bitting off more then you can chew saying someone has a bimbo wife with looks fading fast not true at all!!!!!!!!!! you tim need to show your face and be the man that you think you are and come to lanova eat ome pizza with the owner and whoever else wants to join you they are welcome to come to trust me when i tell you that the owners of lanova are more then nice people them and the people that work for them so come visit us some day and bring your wife and kids to we have games they can play while they wait for your food to be done im out tim please blog back and tell me what you really think about everything ill listen whole you talk ill be the one friend you never have had

  • Tim

    You should have stayed in school instead of making pizzas at 16. Reading your posts reveals you for the uneducated moron that you really are. You’re writing checks with your mouth and keyboard that turn up INSUFFICIENT FUNDS.
    I’ve been living in this neighborhood longer than you have been working at that piehole, much longer. Lanova employees used to have more respect for the neighborhood than you and your buddies do. Maybe you should REALLY learn from your elders and try to not be so defensive, try to see the bigger picture.
    You and your goons make a huge racket after 1am during the week. Who wouldn’t be pissed off? I’m sure Joe Todaro would love bottle rockets and M80s lit off in his front yard after midnight. How can you not understand why these people are pissed? If you need to relax after a “hard day’s work,” why not invite everyone back to your house?

    Advice? GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

  • jimmy

    Hi tim took you long enough i was kinda woried about you now let me say that for you not to admit to saying what you did say to me sounds like a coward maybe even soft either way you still have not touched that topic but instead you try to play me tim tim tim no BALLS i see and fyi buddy im 19 years old in school working to better my self still gonna work at LaNova until i dont want to any more and i dont see me leaving anytime soon and that my friend does not make me or anyone else there lees of a man then you.. And as for the owner wanting fireworks done in front of his house why dont you come over one day and ask you say you have lived there forever but yet no one around LaNova knows who you are damn you must not have any friends at all… Again for you to say something about the owners wife come on please pal get some glasses i wonder what your sister looks like or your wife can i met any of them come to lanova any day you want and ask for the owner but tell him your name is tim or are you scared scared that seems to harsh or can you not cross the dirty streets by yourself tim buddy ol pal you really have alot to learn about playing with the big boys you call me a moron far from it i can sit down and have an adult conversation about anything im also far from uneducated in college ecc also work 2 jobs to your NONE. tim why dont you AGAIN COME TO LANOVA and tell us all what the bigger picture is drink pop beer food on me whatever you want or again are you to SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    Wow I don’t think anyone knew that “BillsFan” is Mrs. Todaro. The owners wife.
    Since you are her nephew I guess we will have to believe you.
    Pretty stupid of you to point that out, when “BillsFan” has been such an incredible jerk through out this whole blog. Here is a warning to you Jimmy, you little douche,
    when they need a fall guy, you will be the first one thrown under the bus.

    Ive got a new name for you “Jimmy the canary” You are a good singer Jimmy, Tweet Tweet

  • Hungry Gal

    What’s wrong with that place. Wow.

  • Leon Sphinx

    I hear that the people contracted for Demolition are paying kick backs to several City Bosses. I guess this is why Buffalo is such a haven for incompetency, complacency and pathetic idiots like Byron Brown and all his jerk-off buddies.