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Foul Rumor

Rumors of Mayor Byron Brown’s imminent resignation are apparently premature.

His denial that the rumors are true, of course, are front-page news.

Here at AV we heard these rumors earlier in the week but figured they were wishful thinking on the part of the rumormongers. Some of them said that an FBI investigation into BMHA would touch the mayor. Over at the Lefty Line, where Buffalo cops go to gripe and plot, a poster suggested that the purported investigation had to do with organized crime and money-laundering. Governor David Paterson, a Brown ally and fellow Queens native, would helicopter Brown out of the scandal and deposit him in a new, comfortable job in Albany.

The Lefty Line and Glenn Gramigna seem to have been the first to post the rumors, and their posts apparently prompted the mayor’s denial, which was delivered in writing at a press conference called yesterday for 4pm, with 17 minutes notice.

The denial, of course, sounds like a cork popping: Let flow the wild speculation.

  • Mr. Bumble

    Basically the Mayor states; “I am not a crook!”

    He simply used his 50% discount at Home Depot and his “volunteer” city workers to remodel his house at a 87.5% discount.

    Doesn’t everybody do that?

  • malcolm x

    Sam Hoyt started the rumor, Tobe was fired becasue he won’t lie and bend numbers for the crooks like Brown and Casey.

  • TheWholeTruth

    The truth is finally coming out, the rumors were started by the sleeze in the Delaware area who caught wind of the coming ousting of their darling Tobe. They were able to keep their puppet council member in place by spreading slanderous rumors about the women who ran against him for his seat in the last election (no surprise that she was a Brown backed candidate). They also tried to use their tool Tobe to derail the casino deal, and lost. So, they had no problem spreading false rumors about Brown as a last ditch effort to protect Tobe and their influence over City Hall. Well, this one is a point for the Brown team and a sixth foul for the Delaware kingmakers. Hit the road Delaware folks and don’t come back.

  • DuTOhI comment6 ,