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Funny Because It’s True?

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Long story short: Stillwater wants a new patio, and many neighbors are opposed. The Planning Board has sided—mostly—with the neighbors. Ellicott District Councilmember Brian Davis is in the Stillwater corner, and many expect him to try to convince his fellow councilmembers to ignore the Planning Board’s recommendation.

This weekend, during the Allentown Arts Festival, Stillwater employees were handing out this business card on the street to passersby.

Many of these cards were collected by friends of a neighbor—a diehard opponent of the Stillwater patio—who happened to be throwing a party this weekend. Does Davis work for Stillwater? they asked. Is he a bartender? Does the restaurant and nightclub employee a “Councilmember”?

Or did Stillwater’s owners assume too much in their lobbying campaign?

We’re told that when Davis learned about the Stillwater cards, he was furious.

  • malcolm x

    Why shouldn’t they have a new patio? There are no neighbors there except those uptight suburban republicans who never mix with the minions that squash everything in Buffalo becuase they feel they have more rights than anyone else, or that the noise is “annoying”. Davis is a great guy with the best interst of buffalo at his heart. Good for Stillwater, hopefully Brian will convince his chorts to let them play. Build it and they will come.

  • Mr. Bumble

    Councilbartender Davis isn’t a possibility. That would mean earning an honest living. However, it would explain why he can’t get up before 2:00 in the afternoon and attend council meetings.

  • malcolm x

    Shut up bumble bee. What, you got little man’s syndrome? Go take attendance.

  • Mr. Bumble

    It’s Two Thumbs Down on Davis…

    Sorry Malcolm but you do not need a thumb if you count on your fingers. There are only 8 Councilmembers that regularly attend the meetings. The Ellicott District missed it’s chance to be represented last year when they could have voted in Bryon McIntyre.

    Just like yourself; Ellicott has also been X’ed.

  • Sorry Councilmember Davis.

    You getting called out at The Challenger for this.

    Listen to your Constituency Councilmember or you’ll get Fired.


    George Winfield

  • Mr. Bumble

    Thank you very much Mr. Winfield,

    But AV’s Malcolm X may have been too trusting (And he just might be a good guy).

    This upcoming Fall; “Grass Roots” might tell peope to vote for the former NYS Secretary of State over Ted Kirkland (Another Great Writer of the Maria Rosa Class in the Challenger!).

    Chris is a good guy, but he’s not in the ditches…

    B.B. won’t consider Ted!

    And once again Ellicott and Masten could and will be: “left snoring…”