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Answer to the $25,000 Question

The Buffalo Public Schools have spent over $25,000 conducting an investigation into alleged wrongdoing at McKinley High School last year. Here is the official statement from school board president Mary Ruth Kapsiak, sent to Artvoice via fax at 10:55 pm last night, June 11, 2008.

  • StreetWise

    Like I’ve been saying, this is all about transparency. The BPS is so screwed up with no rules that they have to shut up about this whole thing out of fear of being sued by Barton, the student, and anyone else involved. I think this is all being done to cover up how disfunctional the school system is.

  • Mr. Bumble, Esq.

    Karl W. Kristoff,Esq. wrote the notice at $40 per word. If you don’t believe me, don’t ask the school board; or they will spend another $25,000 of your tax dollars investigating how we know!

  • BuffaloPublicSchool mess

    Why is this a surprise to anyone?

    I’m still wondering why this stinkin’ city allows this!

  • malcolm x

    2 more weeks and they all walk. What a bunch of losers. Good luck sleeping at night. Can’t wait to get the real bill in a few years…

  • BuffaloPublicSchools mess

    As I’ve said before, the grapevine says that JAWs agreement with Barton is that she will quietly retire after this school year and the whole situation will go away!

  • Nanny

    Barton doesn’t do anything quietly except make phone calls to her sorority sisters downtown and pull strings to get her way. She is too arrogant to retire. Where is the missing monies? Where is pedophile Daye? Where are the answers for the giant lawyer bills we just got shoved up our arses? Where is the report from that Kristoff expert guy who was supposed to make clear how Williams could discipline her which he won’t because she has something bad on him…? Where is the outrage? Whoever spray painted the school is just symptomatic of injustice and outrage. These people are pathetic.

  • Nanny

    What about investigating the horticulture embezzlement? Large amounts of money were reportedly missing between a june and a sept years ago, over $12,000. A teacher transferred because of it, because of her, because of her tyranny and criminal behavior. If Barton retires we should have a ticker tape parade downtown.

  • mini

    The rumor is she is NOT even close to retiring, she got appointed to take over BAVPA and has done a walk through there, her office is getting empty at Mckinley and her stuff is going to Arts Ac.

  • frat boy

    just a rumor, she ain’t going anywhere, she’s got her stilleto ghettoes dug in