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Letters From Demone, Part 2: On the Council Majority

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Masten District Councilmember Demone Smith’s other letter this week is a bit of a whine. In it, he asks Council President Dave Franczyk why only the five members who comprise the council’s majority coalition are allowed to take part in the hiring of council staff. He asks why the other four are left out in the cold, and are not even afforded the opportunity to review the resumes of candidates:

The current candidate is proposed to be brought in at the Senior Legislative Assistant title. The experience in the resume (containing grammatical errors that I was handed in passing by a district Council Member) does not show the experience level for the title. Being a former Senior Legislative Assistant after working my way through the ranks from an intern up as well as other Sr. Legislative Assistants who have done the same, value the title and expectations of performance. Are we shortchanging the candidate by hiring at the top level?

Grammatical errors? An AV baseball cap to the first person who can identify all the grammatical errors in that single paragraph.

A cap and a mug to the first person who identifies all the grammatical errors in the entire letter.

  • Dear Mr. Kelly,
    Why are you picking on Councilmember Smith about this? I read and get what he’s saying even with the grammatical errors. Of course I don’t know why he’s asking a question that he and any black in Buffalo already KNOWS the answer to! Can’t you go after him or another black Buffalo politician for their negligence in fighting racist/discriminatory hiring practices at 501 (c)(3) charitable foundations instead? What happened to you whuppin’ up on Councilmember Smith for trying to deny Mr. Paladino his right to say what he wanted about Jigaboo James?

  • Ummm… is Massa Ant gonna censor me again for being too uncivil or whatever for what I’ve just said?

  • George… your ignorance speaks for itself. You don’t need my help.

  • Mr. White

    AV loves to attack Demone Smith. They hate blacks at AV and look for any reason to form a lynch mob. After AV goes after the discriminatory hiring practices in 501.c.3. organizations, they can go after AV for the same.

  • joe

    Oh God, it’s idiot racist George, everyone ignore him. George, why don’t you get a job? Way too much free time. Maybe try some college classes, sit in the back, shut up and listen for once instead of flapping your moron mouth

  • joe

    OOO Mr. White isn’t white. Shut up. Please, give us all a break with the tiring racist ranting. It’s static nonsense. NO ONE listens to ignorance no matter what color your ignorance is.