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State Education Department to visit Academy School 44

Responding to a May 15, 2008 memorandum sent to Albany by Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore, the State Education Department is sending “a team of subject area experts in math, Social studies, reading/English language arts, instructional technology and technology” to Buffalo for two days this week to check up on Academy School 44.

The SED is proposing a “three-fold action plan” to increase student learning at the school. Step one “will include, but not be limited to: observing the teaching and learning process; interviewing school administrators; teachers and non-professionals; and reviewing educational documents.”

Next, curriculum specialists will make specific recommendations for improvements at the school. The third step of the process will take place next school year, when representatives of the team will return to see if their recommendations are being implemented—the aim being to improve student achievement.

Recently, the school received harsh criticism from Rumore, who cited teacher surveys that were critical of ResulTech, the Maryland company that has provided technical support at the school since 2006.

Recently, Artvoice published a pair of stories critical of the fact that although the ResulTech contract was being pushed forward for renewal, the second year of the program had yet to be evaluated.

As the State Education Department arrives in town to look into the matter, we thought it was a good opportunity to take a walk down memory lane by reading the initial ResulTech proposal, circulated by then Associate Superintendent of support services Diane Collier, dated June 8, 2006. (resultech-proposal)

Compare it with the actual contract signed two weeks after that (resultech2006-contract), and compare that one with the current contract, signed and ready to go once it gains school board approval—which it has not yet received, since being pulled off the agenda at the last minute on May 14. (resultech-2008-contract-proposed)

Now, with inspectors from Albany arriving to study the school this week, it seems like a difficult time for the administration and school board to push through the contract extension for ResulTech, which is for $1.7 million dollars next year. The company has already received $5.4 million for the first two years.

  • BuffaloPublicSchools mess

    Well, well, well…

    Too bad we can’t get SED to visit every school!

    Let’s see if what actually goes on at the school is what is presented.

    Has anyone been able to confirm or deny if ResulTech has any connections to JAWs or Oladele?

    Or if they have been taken on any trips.

  • Smith

    Or is Resultech and Williams in this together? what is his kick back?

  • Jones

    How long will they pay? Do our kids really come first?

  • village idiot

    ResulTech Inc has its headquarters in Fredrickburg, MD, Williams’ old stomping ground. ResulTech is also in Freson CA (Oladele came from CA) where the Superint. will not speak of the exec director of ResulTech, Pat Wright. People want to know what services cost this much money? This is ending up at $100,000 per year per kid for what? The kick back is there to take. It is sure Williams has his hand out. Stay on this story, try to find out what happened in Fresno, there ResulTech started and ran a tech school for “bad kids” , called C.A.R.T., a 75 million dollar school with zero data to look at.