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Letters From Paladino

Because Carl Paladino’s letters are always worth reading…

Here’s the letter in which Carl threatens to sue the Common Council if it does not rescind its resolution condemning him for saying that Buffalo [but Memphis-bound?] Schools Superintendent James Williams was hired because he’s black.

I think it’s interesting that the reports on Paladino’s threat to sue the Council have ignored this accusation he hurls at Ellicott District Councilmember Brian Davis, who wrote and submitted the resolution:

“The irresponsible Brian Davis wanted to paint [my remark] as racial to spin his community out of their growing distaste for his self-serving special tax benefits and relationship with program workers who were compelled to share their checks with him.”

Come again? By saying “special tax benefits” he refers to the fact that Davis’s family built a tax-free home on a formerly city-owned lot in an Empire Zone. But that second accusation? That he skimmed money from paychecks? Anyone know anything about that?

  • Joe Real

    The great thing about racists like Paladino is that they think everyone thinks like them, so they go out and make public comments than show everyone how racist they are. Thanks to heros like Brian Davis, we get to see punks like Paladino dig their own holes. Mr. Paladino, we all know you read these posts religiously, so think about this. EVERYONE knows you are a racist bigot. You are the most villified person in Buffalo. Live with it, you racist loser. I know you are mad now, so just know that we are all laughing at you, you ignorant pig:)

  • Mark Sconiers

    The great thing about people (no matter what color) who continually to brand any statement that includes a truthful analogy based on race, is that it is usually them who are the TRUE racists. Case in point: Brian Davis…the thin skinned coward…who in the face of controversy immediately wants to pass resolutions without the benefit of a committe census. Perhaps, as some guy named paeter, petaer or whatever, stated in last weeks AV issue re: paladino’s Williams comment, that it is “a sad state of affairs” when someone is branded a racist by telling the truth. He (peter/paetr???)also questioned whether all jobs secured through affirmative action should be taken back in favor of those with the highest test scores rather than color…Do you think Davis would be so quick in passing resolutions without a committee census regarding that issue? I doubt it. But again, here we have Paladino speaking the truth, albeit a partial truth,regarding the Williams aquisition (haHa) as being based on (partially) race. It was. Most know it. So why all the BS? I don’t know either of them, Paladino or Williams. What I do know about them is simple. Paladino is a developer who provides jobs,. Williams in an incompetent who screwed up the school system.AMEN

  • John White

    Mark Sconier and Paladino are two peas in a pod. How do these racist dinosaurs survive in the real world. Obviously they are bitter and angry toward anyone who isn’t white. They seem to think that any black person in a position of power is unqualified (since, to them, the only thing that qualifies people to lead organizations is being white). Of course, Williams has been doing a spectacular job, especially given the mess prior people in his position have left him with. Buffalo has been sinking for over 50 years, 50 years of white leadership that is. Leadership based on patronage appointments and systematic discrimination against anyone who isn’t white. So, now the old boys network is getting their sheets on and attacking any black leaders they can. Typical racist Buffalo. Thanks for messing up the city for decades white racists, thanks for leaving good people with the mess to clean up, and thanks for trying to undermine us. Good luck in the afterlife gentlemen, pack for warm weather.

  • Logan One

    Paladino is a total nut. This racist has done more damage to race relations than anyone in years. Buffalo should charge him with a hate crime. The joke is that Paladino has been getting special treatment from banks and local government in Buffalo for years, because he is white. He is a terrible businessman and in and out of trouble with the law, but he keeps being elevated. The IRS should audit him, and the NAACP should picket his business. Paladine and his racist friends are no longer welcome in Buffalo. He should got to Mississippi where he can burn crosses and drink moonshine with his racist friends and inbred relatives.

  • Mark Sconiers

    Well, Mr White, any degree of respecting your opinion, has just flown out the window…”Williams has been doing a spectacular job…” WOW! where in the heck have you been? That statement does not deserve the dignity of a return response. On a serious note, I would respectfully request that you please explain how you came to the conclusion that I am a racist. You see, Mr. White you are the epitome of exactly the type of person I was referring to. You sir, are a loose cannon. “angry toward anyone who isn’t white”…are those not your words? Mr White, I am Jewish. I know a little bit about being discriminated against. I personally am appalled by people who cry “racism” at anything, any person, any institution who tels them what they don’t want to here. I have been victimized by anti-semitism on more than one occasion. It’s ugly and it hurts. Rather than continually “cry foul” I’ve used the very same system (education) that villified me to become successful. I don’t speak on behalf of the Jewish comunity or any specific community for that matter. I speak as a citizen of Buffalo, NY, and I speak for myself. I don’t care what color another man is. We all have opportunities and choices. I could whine and blame the world. I could dislike all Germans for what they did to my ancestors. I could advocate retooling the education system to make it “fair” (easier) for Jewish students. I couls ask for money (reparation) and then idly wait for it, or I could do exactly what I did. It is the same advise that I give to my children with the ardent hopes they will do the same.

    Regarding the Williams/Palladino thing. As I earlier stated, I don’t know either of them nor do I care to meet them. Is Paladino a racist? Maybe/probably…but being termed a racist for his Williams comments…No…absolutely not. Your statement, Mr White: “…the only thing that qualifies people to run organizations, is being white”…is YOUR staement, not mine. I don’t believe it to be true, nor have I ever suggested it. Test scores, previous performance, past employment history, however, no matter what color the candidate, are usually good places to start. (in determining who is best suited for a position)

    Maybe, in the future, if it is your desire to label people, you should do a self-inventory first. Rather than worry about the spec in your brothers eye, be concerned with the log in your own! To conclude, Mr White…Paladino is a developer who provides jobs. Williams is an incompetent who screwed up the school system…hey, just ask the people in Ohio, Dayton, I believe! AMEN

  • John White

    Mark Sconiers is a classic racist. He assumes someone is black just beacuse they do not go along with his racist rant and attack a black man for having the courage to try to fix the mess that a bunch of political cronies created after decades of political control of the school system by, yes, white politicians who fought tooth and nail to keep blacks segregated in Buffalo and to deny them opportunities. Sconiers thinks that the access he had to education and jobs was universal and all people have to do is pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Of course, any black person trying to get a leg up will be pushed back by people like Sconier.

    Of course, assuming I am black is evidence of Sconiers racism. I am appauled that he tries to justify his defense of the indefensible by throwing out that he is a Jew. Sorry to burst Sconiers bubble, but I am a Jew too. Of course, Jews have had to deal with “people” like Sconiers for decades as well. He is just like the Jews who helped the Nazi’s during the second world war. He buys the party line, drinks the Koolaid, and sends innocent people to the gas chambers just to save his own skin and get a pat on the head from his oppressor. Sconiers should remember that his racist friends laugh at him as well. They laugh at Sconiers, their little Jew boy who does their dirty work.

    Good luck in the afterlife Sconiers, pack for warm weather. Shalom.

  • Mark Sconiers

    Mr White, it’s apparent you suffer from a grave mental handicap. You continue to “write on’ with a continual “pat on the back mentality]… Your own back, of course. I notice that again, you are overwhelmingly concerned about the “spec” in your brother’s eye…rather than the log in your own. Let’set all that aside for now however…and let’s stick to the facts! I will ask you again, in an open public forum, the same question you’ve again avoided….based on what I’ve previously written…”how do you come to the conclusion that I am a racist?” If you could answer that in a non-rhetorica fashion that would be fine.~

    I would also ask other readers to share their opinions regarding “THE SPECTACULAR JOB JAMES WILLIAMS HAD DONE AND CONTINUES TO DO” (according to Mr White, that is) It may be hard foe Mr White to fathom, but actual performance has nothing to do with a persons color. OK,Mr White, lets see what happens. Oh, next time you lie about being a Jew…try not to use “attention getting” rhetoric as you’ve done…’Cause, to some, it might enhance the stereotypical arrogance associated with the Jewish people….(stop fibbing White)…One last thing Mr White, I never assumed you were black. Not an iota. I mistook you for nothing more than a fool. By the way, I don’t think foolishness is discriminatory. If you have the cajones…please enlighten my as to how I assumed you were black! Oh, I can’t wait, this should be good1 …that is if you don’t avoid my inquiry, Mr White..LOL

  • John White

    Oh please Sconiers, get a clue. You make simple minded attacks against Williams just because you are an angry ignoramous. Your denial that the problems of the Buffalo schools are the legacy of decades of mismanagement by white administrators who institutionalized every form of racism leads me to conclude that you are a dimwit.

    You bring the lowest form of lowbrow rhetoric to the blog world, and when you are called on it, you offer bloated garbage to defend the rediculous crapola you spew.

    You cannot defend your positions, so you throw out stereotypes of Jews as model minorities, and deny your white privilege. You are a disgrace and a fraud Sconiers.

    Be a mench and admit you are wrong about Williams, and just projecting you own failings on a real Buffalo hero.

  • Logan One

    Mr.White, you make some very good points. Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) have been plauged by all sorts of problems for years. To focus on Williams is unfair and questionable. Williams has brought about many important reforms in the face of strong resistance from teachers, the school board, and principals.

    Test scores in BPS have been horrible for years and Williams came in and shook up the system. He reformed curriculum in many schools, replaced underperforming principals, and we have seem the ship begin to right itself after years of slowly sinking. All due to Williams efforts in the face of opposition.

    Williams also has begun to get costs under control. He held the line on teachers and advocated for a single health care plan and the elimination of boob and nose jobs for teachers.

    Williams got the alternative school in place and has made progress on reducing violence in the schools.

    Williams also has stood up to the school board, which is stacked with people who lie under oath and use their positions to get their kids grades changed and get their kids into City Honors.

    Of course, City Honors is a hold over from the BPS currupt past. Many students at City Honors are not Buffalo Residents, but are the children of WNY elites and political players. A number of them get access to City Honors due to their parents political connections and not merit. And, academic achievement is suspect at City Honors due to funny business with the way grading is done there. The principal of City Honors is well connected among Buffalo elite, which is one reason he was hired. Despite these obstacles, Williams has been able to shed light on the way some get access to quality schools while others are left behind.

    Williams has also overseen the widely successful school building program in Buffalo. Visit any of the renovated schools and you will see state of the art learning environments. The renovation program is not all brick and mortar either. Williams made sure the best available teachers and administrators work in these schools. And, the renovated schools are in neighborhoods that serve some of the most needy children in Buffalo.

    So, Mr White, I am with you in your defense of Williams. The people like Paladino and Sconiers are not even worth the time to respond to. They are in the gutter and don’t want to face the facts. To deny the facts and make the arguments they do is what you called it, RACIST!!!!

  • Mark Sconiers

    You know something White…I really think you are Brian Davis using “White” as a pen name. If you’re not, you should be….well, should be a politician at the very least. Why? You are quite good at avoiding questions with truthful solid answers favoring empty rhetoric in its place. To reiterrate: “What have I said that justifies you calling me a racist?”…and better yet, what have I written that even suggests (in the smallest way)that an individual must be white in order to successfully fill a professional position? I never said it or even iferred it Mr Whie. But since you accuse me of it, then by all means, explain it!

  • Geoff Kelly,
    Your hypocritical reporting is AMAZING! Why do YOU, of all people, find it “interesting” that there is selective reporting on the Davis/Paladino matter? You yourself and Artvoice also selectively report and censor what you don’t want to deal with so why is any other “news” outlet suppose to do otherwise?