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What If There Were One School District in Erie County?

Peter Reese makes an interesting comment on Bruce Fisher’s article about sprawl in this week’s AV:

I actually think the local school districts which come with towns are the biggest part of the problem. They facilitate white flight to these little cocoon communities. If you look at Jefferson County which contains Louisville you will find that the secret behind their regional success is the fact that they always had one county-wide school district. When they got hit with the inevitable segregation lawsuit, there was no Elma, Alden or Orchard Park to flee to. They were stuck with the issues of poverty and racism. Apparently they decided to deal with their problems, rather than running from them.

What are the chances that we will have a single Erie County school district in the next 100 years?

Is that possible? Is it a good idea?

  • James

    Great idea, as long as King James is in place, you can forget it. He’s an empty suit following a playbook to dump public ed into the lap of corporations. Get rid of him, we are moving in the right direction. We don’t need any more over priced suits with no original thoughts in their head screwing things up even more, like they are now.