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City Honors: The Kresse Report

principal-william_kresse.jpg Want to read the report that the Buffalo News has been writing about for the last four days, without ever quoting from it directly?

Here it is.

Here’s what we know about the origin of the report, which was written by Bill Kresse (pictured left), the well-respected principal of City Honors, the jewel in the Buffalo Public School District’s increasingly tarnished crown:

  • Last fall, Kresse felt pressured by senior administrators Will Keresztes, Joseph Melvin, and Folasade Oladele to revert to the school’s former method for calculating GPAs. (Kresse and a task force of secondary school principals had arrived at a district-wide standard for GPA calculations in January 2007.) Keresztes’s daughter benefited from the reversion to the old formula.
  • In December, Kresse felt pressured to re-admit the daughter of then deputy county executive (and current AV columnist) Bruce Fisher by Melvin, Oladele, and school board member Chris Jacobs, despite his and his staff’s judgment that Fisher’s daughter would be better served at another school.
  • Kresse hastily wrote a report about these incidents in December at the behest of of Melvin and Superintendent James Williams.
  • The report lay fallow until two weeks ago, when rumors of its contents began to fly and news outlets—including this one—began hunting it down.
  • On Sunday the Buffalo News published a front-page story about the report and its allegations, thus identifying the two children involved—much to the consternation of Fisher and Keresztes, who both deny exercising undue influence in the affairs the report documents. (Fisher’s denial is plausible, though it’s possible influence was exerted on his behalf without his knowing about it; Keresztes’s denial seems a little thin.)
  • For his part, Kresse stands by his report, though he has indicated that he never expected it to become public.

We’ll examine what the report indicates about the administration of Buffalo Public Schools generally over the coming weeks.

  • Paul Casseri

    I have just had a chance to review the “Kresse report”. The level of arrogance and complete lack of leadership exhibited by certain BPS central office staff is appalling. As the former Principal of South Park High School, I had the distinct honor to work with Dr. Bill Kresse when he served as my Asst.Principal. Now in his position at City Honors School, he and I continue continue our professional relationship, collaborating on various educational issues. I can tell you that Bill Kresse is an outstanding educator. His concern for all children of Buffalo is apparent and demonstrated through the outstanding leadership and service he provided at South Park, a struggling SURR school, and now at City Honors. This is a gentlemen who is committed to his community. He is Buffalo through and through. Bill Kresse should be appluaded for the “Mr. Smith goes to Washingtonesque” way he has stood up for what is right, what is ethical and what is in the best interest of his school community. Dr. James Williams should be standing next to him shoulder to shoulder in support. Where is Dr. Williams on all this?

    I left the BPS and a school and community I truly cared about, when Dr. Williams came in and decided to use 26 assistant principal’s as a pawn to break the adminstrator’s union. He broke up a dream team then and his lack of leadership will force another great educator to look to another school community. Happily I landed at Lewiston-Porter High School, a great school and great community. I can only hope the same for Bill.

    Paul Casseri
    Lewiston-Porter High School.

  • teacher

    I too am alarmed by the arrogance and obvious demand (not sense, that infers class) of entitlement from the Associate Superintendent and Deputy Executive. For our imported and extremely expensive brains in Dr. Oladel’s guidance and Dr. Williams’ nod, this report is astonishing. Who has the best interest of the children and parents in the forefront? Certainly not Central Office. I like Cahill had to read it twice. Obviously the Chancellor of Education, Bennett only need to breeze through it to hand it back to Buffalo Schools to investigate. This in itself is an offense on behalf of all of Buffalo, not just our students but to our community.

  • teacher

    Shame on you Chancellor. This was a chance to make a statement about truth and accountability. Oh that’s right, we are talking about Albany, no such things.

  • citizen

    where is Williams? This is outrageous? Where are the Board Members holding him accountable?

  • Rightly Fearing Retribution

    Are people still calling Williams “Dr ?” He’s probably at The Chop House with everyman Chris Jacobs trying to plug a leak or handing out his personal phone number to the latest skull crushing thug he’s decided to escort back into a building. Or maybe he’s not showing up for a town hall meeting he promised he’d be at. Could he be working on his resume or packing his chute somewhere ? Maybe he’s engrossed in The Frazier Files, that madcap romp through the wacky halls of Mack High where nary a strand Ms. Barton’s hair was found to be out of place but Michelle Stiles was replaced and Jayvonnah almost got displaced. Are these people about anything more than their own petty power grabs, flexing and strutting their hour upon the stage, telling tales only an idiot would believe. Do they think we’re idiots ? We will be if nothing happens to any of them and the so called Doctor’s regime goes forward.


    Rightly Fearing Retribution, have you experienced Central Office’s hell yet? Where are the admins who stand up for themselves? Where have they gone? When will Dr. Williams and his band be arrested for grand larceny? For crimes of defamation of character? Where is the DA or the AG in all this? When will the taxpayers be relieved o fDr.Williams, Barton, Keresztes, Morrell, Mott, etc When will the students really receive a competitive education, learn writing and math that can be used on a job? Well, this band of renowns are going no where fast and dragging the kids down the drain with them. When will there be a Governor who cares, with Patterson looking himself to be US Senator. If they would only step down and choose to spare NYS the agony. Sad, very sad.