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Who’s Got the Munchies?

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Who’s Got the Munchies?

That’s the name of a new snack food delivery business here in the Queen City that promises to make life easier for the busy, the weary, and, it’s implied, the stoned. Who’s Got the Munchies? is run by 25-year-old Mark Czerniejewski, a former heating and air conditioning salesman who “got tired of arguing with the girlfriend about who gets the snacks.” That apparently lit a light bulb in his head, and he started buying snacks wholesale from companies like Frito Lay and Hostess and delivering them out of his Richmond Ave. apartment with a partner. Who’s Got the Munchies? delivers candy bars, Doritos, Hostess snacks, nuts, cookies, granola bars, popcorn, and on and on, each at a modest mark-up from in-store prices.

Czerniejewski says that they’re waiting on a tobacco license right now, after which they’ll offer cigarettes and dutchies (blunts). Depending on how business shapes up, WGM may add fresh-baked, homemade daily specials like cookies and cupcakes. Another fun quirk of the business is that Czerniejewski’s artist-girlfriend will decorate every delivery bag with a unique work of Sharpie art.

Who’s Got the Munchies? can be reached at 828-6927. A downloadable menu is available online at There’s a $10 minimum order requirement and a $2 charge for delivery. Cash and major credit cards accepted. Hours: Mon-Thu 5p-12a; Fri & Sat 5p-2a; Sun 2-10p.