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SAIC still = spooky

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Earlier this week I wrote this post about SAIC, the giant defense and intelligence contractor that inexplicably telephoned the Artvoice office last Friday to inquire about our advertising rates, just hours after I received an email from a friend that mentioned SAIC in a less than flattering light. I wrote about the call as a curiosity—after all, why would this 44,000-employee behemoth want to advertise with us?—and I referenced this Vanity Fair article about SAIC, which is worth a read.

I didn’t expect the post to receive much attention; you see, this AV Daily thing hadn’t been promoted anywhere and was difficult to find.

Nonetheless, the post got traffic almost immediately and its first critical comment just three hours later, and a comment the next day that was SAIC’s official response to the Vanity Fair profile, written a year ago. Nothing else—just a cut-and-paste job of SAIC’s official response.

The IP address says it came from the Pentagon, specifically the US Air Force. Make of that whatever your tin-foiled head would like.

  • Employee

    No rocket science here. Many of us have google alerts picking up articles and chatter on SAIC. The official response is the right one for folks like you to hear. We work all over the place, including the Pentagon and for the Air Force.

  • Q

    What, you guys don’t do rocket science??? Dang!

    So, then it’s safe to surmise that the above article implies that the posting was done on “Company” time?

    In the above, I love the use of the words “us,” “we,” and “chatter.”
    They’re so sublimely cloak and dagger.

  • N.S. Sherlock

    For those disinclined to read, here’s a link to the documentary Friends in High Places, which is about the process of writing the Vanity Fair story.

    Also interesting.