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More On Religion and Presidential Politics…

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John McCain

AV columnist Mike Niman had a thing or two to add about John McCain’s pastors—John Hagee and televangelist/supporter Rod Parsley—in this week’s issue. According to Niman, Obama’s fiery Reverend Jeremiah Wright shies in comparison to the two. Hagee has called the Catholic Church “The Great Whore of Revelation 17” and deemed Hurricane Katrina God’s revenge on New Orleans for “a level of sin that was offensive to God” (some real Old Testament Sodom and Gomorrah stuff there). Parsley, on the other hand, thinks that America’s “divine purpose” is to destroy Islam. He looks forward to America’s inevitable nuclear showdown with Iran that will bring the end of the world and the second coming of Christ. McCain has gladly accepted both men’s endorsements, thus, perhaps, implicitly agreeing with them.

Read Niman’s story in the paper on page 4, or online here.