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Echo Chamber: News You Could Have Read Anywhere

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Wilkins Ice Shelf

  • The Earth continues to warm up, as evidenced by the collapse yesterday of a chunk of Antarctic ice seven times the size of Manhattan. The 160-square-mile piece of ice has been disintegrating for the past month. The rest of the Wilkins ice shelf in western Antarctica is holding on by what scientists describe as a “narrow beam” of ice. They’re worried that it, too, will soon collapse.
  • The Republican party is courting local news anchorman Don Postles to run for Tom Reynolds’ soon-to-be vacant Congressional seat. Postles, one of the few news anchors to complete the Buffalo news station trifecta, has been with Channel 4 since 1993. Besides having great hair and a wonderful on-air personality, Postles also has name recognition, a trait that makes him very electable in the minds of GOP party officials. The apolitical Postles has been called upon to run for Congress by both parties in the past, but never has. Other possibly Republican candidates include Buffalo Board of Education member Chris Jacobs, Erie County Republican Committe Vice Chairman Michael Powers, President Bush’s Northeast political director Nick Sinatra and Anthony Nanula, former Buffalo comptroller and state senator.
  • Hunt Real Estate agent Matt Quagliano is a very busy man, says his lawyer. Too busy, it would seem, to pay his various income taxes in many of the past eleven years. Quagliano, who was indicted in Albany last week on tax fraud charges for not paying the state in 2003 and 2006 ($20,750), has a history of paying his taxes late…really late. In 2006, for instance, he repaid the federal government $365,946 in ten years of back taxes. Until a tax agency files warrants or liens against him, Quagliano can’t be bothered with taxes. Unfortunately for him, laws are laws, and this time he got in trouble. If the felony charges aren’t dropped by New York State, it could jeopardize Quagliano’s state real estate license.
  • The Buffalo Sabres are experiencing a bit of déjà vu after surrendering a 2-goal lead to the Ottawa Senators last night. In a game reminiscent of Buffalo’s bout with Carolina last week, the Sens scored five goals in the final 7:40 of the game to win a 6-3 decision. The Sabres have six games left to maneuver into playoff contention, though it’s becoming an increasingly distant goal. Currently in 10th, they are five points behind the 8th place Bruins.
  • There’s hope for an accurate count in Ohio this election season. The state’s Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is calling for a partial recount of the March 4 primary vote to work out the kinks in preparation for the general election. She asked county election boards to check 7 percent of their results for accuracy. In addition, Brunner has ordered a return to paper ballots for the November election to reduce the risk of vote tampering related to electronic voting machines. Brunner took these measures to avoid the inevitable embarrassment that would follow yet another, even less explicable, Bush victory in Ohio.

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