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Chris Byrd sends along this press release…

Buffalo, NY—Buffalo Mass Mob X will take place on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 12:30 PM for the Annual Saint Ann’s German Mass held at Saint Louis Church .

Buffalo Mass Mob started in 2013 as way to draw attention to struggling Buffalo inner city churches. A mass mob is similar to a flash mob, but the idea centers around inviting people to come worship at a church organizers select to give a one day boost in the pews and in the collection basket. Christopher Byrd, Buffalo Mass Mob co-founder said, “The concept is simple. We want to showcase Buffalo’s historic churches, but we want the community to see them in their intended purpose. A lot of the city’s churches have fallen off people’s radar screens. This gives people who come to a mass mob an opportunity to share in the living and breathing history of a church and an understanding of how important they are to the cultural and historic fabric of Buffalo.”

Originated in Buffalo, the mass mob movement has garnered national and international attention. Buffalo Mass Mob has inspired people in other cities to organize their own. The mass mobs have drawn thousands of people to Buffalo’s historic houses of worship and the effort has raised over $45000 for the churches it has mobbed.

The annual Saint Ann’s German mass celebrates the rich Catholic heritage of German Americans in Western New York.

The Saint Louis Church parish community, located at Main and Edward Streets in downtown Buffalo, was established in 1829.

More information on Buffalo Mass Mob can be found by visiting

Are We Being Turned Into Cars?

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On Wednesday, the Washington Post put up this piece by Eben Weiss, aka Bike Snob NYC—asking why drivers aren’t held responsible when their cars become killing machines.

Is it possible the auto industry is responsible for shifting the blame for driver negligence onto cyclists and pedestrians? And could it be that the bicycle industry is complicit by selling more safety gear rather than lobbying for better cycling infrastructure?

Look at the commercial for the region’s biggest bike store. Cyclists tend to stick to the sidewalk (where it’s technically illegal to ride), or they pedal in circles in the driveway or parking lot, always wearing helmets (available for purchase at Bert’s Bikes). Cars are not part of the picture in this cycling fantasy, unless they are safely parked and stationary.


Steel City Looks to Put a Hurtin’ on the Furies

Photo Credit: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

Photo Credit: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

The Furies bout against Steel City Hurtin’ on Saturday will be the first of the year against higher ranked competition. With Steel City in 27th and and the Furies at 33rd, the bout is a great chance for the Furies to move up the rankings and into the top 30 – a place they have never been. The two teams are heading in different directions in long term trends as the Furies are trending up while Steel City are trending down – they once held as high a ranking as 14th in recent years – but this bout will be a serious test for just how high that ceiling is for the Furies. Steel City won’t hand them this bout and they want to regain their former glory and move back into the top 20.

The two teams haven’t played since 2011, so this will also be a match up of two teams who are largely unfamiliar with each other on the track. Steel City features a tight jammer rotation with Snot Rocket (who also plays for Team USA) splitting time between pivot and jammer, veteran jammer Rock Hard Candy, and two tall jammers in Leeannibal Lector and River Kyx’s. The Steel City roster has seen quite a bit of turnover in recent years, but this jammer line up is pretty solid and constant. The Furies have the size and speed to match this line up, but it will be a battle and every jam will count. 

Doors open at Riverworks (359 Ganson St. Buffalo) at 5:30 and the bout starts at 6pm. Front row seating is $20, general admission is $15 and kids under 12 are $10 (at the door only). You can purchase tickets at

Storylines to Watch

Experience: Although Steel City has 8 new skaters this year, their core and their league have been around longer and seen more bouts than Queen City – putting total bouts all time at 56 for the Furies and 102 for Steel City Hurtin’. I expect a very close game that could come down to one specific jam. A rare play call, strategy, or penalty could decide the game and Steel City have an edge when it comes to experience. 

Endurance: Both of these teams have a pretty tight jammer rotation and the closer the game is the more that will tighten. This game could very well be decided by endurance and whichever teams top jammers can withstand the wear and tear of the bout the longest. 

Home Track Advantage: The DC Rollergirls really struggled in the 2nd half of their bout against the Furies earlier this year and it was pretty clear they didn’t travel well. Once the Furies got some momentum the crowd got into the bout and they never looked back. Riverworks still doesn’t quite feel like “home” for QCRG – but it is getting there and if close home league games are any indication then Riverworks will be a very loud and intimidating place for opposing teams in close games. 

Hey kids! It’s Officer Friendly!


Steam Donkeys Call for End to Tax Season

Addressing a crowd of overworked, underpaid barflies at a local watering hole, a spokesperson for the Steam Donkeys—a Buffalo, NY-based music act and global think tank—called for an end to tax season.

The Steam Donkeys

The Steam Donkeys











“For too long, the State and Federal Governments have had their hands in your wallets!” Shouted Steam Donkeys front man and spokesperson Buck Quigley, as he motioned for another round. “This out of control taxation must come to an end immediately,” he added.

“Quigley’s fiery rhetoric does stir people’s emotions,” said one certified public accountant, on condition of anonymity, “But I have to question his timing. The tax deadline is today. So, with tax season over, I was planning on going down to this little place I have in the Florida Keys and smoking a bag of weed on the beach for a week. But, whatever. He thinks he’s a revolutionary.”

“The revolution has just begun,” says Quigley. “This Saturday (4/18), we’re calling for a mass demonstration at the Sportsmen’s Tavern. To send a strong message to Albany and Washington, we’ll be waiving all taxes on the $5 admission fee. We call that ‘Sticking it to the Man!'”

Randle and the Late Night Scandals

Randle and the Late Night Scandals

Joining the Steam Donkeys will be local favorites Randle and the Late Night Scandals—who will get the event going at 8:30pm. They will also be selling tax-free copies of their latest CD.

“We urge everyone to come out in force so we can finally put an end to this terrible burden on working men, women, and families—known as ‘tax season.'”

Rex quondam, Rexque Futurus: Go Bills!

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Click here for some beer and wings with Rex Ryan, Jim Kelley, Thurman Thomas and others—courtesy of Sports Illustrated and the MMQB.


Power outage at Coca Cola Field

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BisonsWe’re not even one week into the 2015 Buffalo Bisons season, and the team has already endured a spate of cancellations and schedule disruptions. But Tuesday may have been the most bizarre of them all.

Counting 27 years to the day that the downtown ballpark opened its doors for the very first time, the Bisons were scheduled to play the bulk of two games – the first picking up a game suspended the night before due to a torrential downpour, and then a second seven inning game.

Play resumed precisely at 5:15pm in the top of the 4th. The Bisons and visiting Pawtucket Red Sox managed to get to the top of the 6th inning. Then it happened. All the electricity at Coca Cola Field went out. The lights. The scoreboard. The concourses and rest rooms. Everything.

“Emergency systems kicked in just the way they were supposed to,” said Bisons VP/General Manager Mike Buczkowski. And indeed, sporadic concourse lighting, as well as the stairwells, went on with the help of backup systems. As did the public address announcer mic, and interestingly enough, the radio booths, where both team’s broadcasts managed to stay on the air throughout the entire game.

So the game continued, with the umpires keeping the line score on the field, official scorer Kevin Lester pressed into extra service up in the pressbox to ensure that accurate counts are kept, and the new pace of play clocks down and out for the duration.

The in house crowd was a sparse one, and quickly found out that the beer taps weren’t working, concession and suite workers were unable to process credit cards, game day staff was unable to transmit pitch by pitch info across the internet. Public Relations Director Brad Bisbing was scurrying to keep the operations going as best possible, even unable to print the inevitable press release that would announce that the second game that evening would have to be pushed back to a Wednesday doubleheader.

But forget about that second game. As the first game wore on, a new threat emerged. Might this game go long enough to hit dusk and yet another postponement due to darkness? The Bisons had trailed the game throughout; the first postponement a night earlier had them trailing 8-3, thanks to a horrific top of the 3rd on Monday played in abysmal weather conditions, where it seemed that every routine play had something going wrong. Now it was the bottom of the 8th, the Herd was trailing 9-6, and had enough runners on base to bring the tying run to the plate. “When you’ve been around baseball as long as I have you’ve been through just about everything,” said Manager Gary Allenson. “I actually participated in a game back in the 80s that took three days to complete. It was a 27 inning affair that went 20 innings the first night before being called. Then we got in an inning and a half the next day before they brought the tarp on. I think I started 2 of 3 at the plate and ended up 2 of 12,” Allenson quipped.

Buczkowski said that this was the first time in ballpark history that the stadium lost power in game. “Back in 1993, we lost power on a FridayNightBash but it happened sometime around 4 PM. We couldn’t get things working so we just had to cancel the game that night. But this was a first. Fortunately, we managed to at the least get this game finished,” said Buczkowski.

The Bisons did end up losing the game 9-6 to fall to 1-3 on the young season, and Buffalo and Pawtucket will play a doubleheader at Coca Cola Field this afternoon (1:05pm start and two 7 inning games). As fans departed the ballpark last night, PA announcer (and former team public relations director) Tom Burns was imploring those in attendance to use special care in leaving for their own safety, as the concourses were darkened and the washrooms were pitch dark. “Thank goodness the PA mic was still working,” said Burns on social media later that evening.

Thank goodness indeed.

Fourth Annual Community Baby Shower

Here’s a press release from the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County:

BUFFALO, N.Y.– Donation of diapers, wipes, digital thermometers and other essential items for Erie County’s tiniest residents are being sought as part of the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County’s Community Baby Shower that kicked off April 1st and runs through May 6. The Baby Shower is a community-wide effort to collect essential baby items to help at-risk mothers provide their babies a stronger start in life and to provide the support both moms and newborns need for a healthy beginning. Items collected will benefit the constituents of three United Way funded non-profit agencies serving young families including Catholic Charities of Buffalo WIC program; Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network; and the Jericho Road Community Health Center Priscilla Project.

In Erie County, thousands of babies are born into poverty and many face health risks due to a lack of prenatal care. Each week 9 babies are born to women receiving no or late prenatal care; 22 are born pre-term; 16 are low birth weight and one will not survive to reach one year of age.

Local companies and residents are encouraged to host a Baby Shower with friends, family, neighbors or co-workers to collect new baby supplies or financial donations to help give newborns and moms support for a healthy beginning. The United Way has set a goal of filling 1,000 gift bags that will be distributed to new moms throughout Erie County.
Brand new baby items can be dropped off at the United Way offices at 742 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo through May 6. The most needed essential items for families with new babies include diapers, baby sleep sacks, baby wipes, and digital thermometers. However, all donations of new baby items as well as cash donations or gift cards will be gratefully accepted. Each mom will receive a copy of United Way’s Resources for Caregivers, Helping Loved Ones at all Stages of Life, a convenient guide to healthcare and non-profit organizations that may be of assistance to new moms and their babies.

According to Michael Weiner, United Way president and CEO, “Being a new mom can be stressful enough without the added burden of poverty or health concerns as a result of a pre-term or low birth weight baby. Many items that middle class families take for granted may make a tremendous difference to these stressed families. Based on the response we have received in previous years, we are confident that the Western New York Community will demonstrate their generosity and support these young families to help moms provide a strong and healthy start for her newborn.“

Introduced in 2012 as part of United Way’s mission to improve health and wellness in the community, the event is sponsored by Erie County Medical Center, WKBW Channel 7 and Townsquare Media.

For more information on how to host a Baby Shower, to sign up as a host, and see the wish list, visit United Way can provide hosts with promotional materials and speakers for their event.

If you or someone you know is an expectant mother in need of assistance, contact Western New York 2-1-1 for information on available services (dial 2-1-1 or 1-888-696-9211).

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