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AV Photo Daily

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YAK Car Pic of the Day


jc yak ny 67-73When this 1970 Oldsmobile Rallye 350 was introduced, they called it “The new action look…” But when I passed this example — five years ago! — w-a-a-y back off the road in Great Valley, it looked like it hadn’t seen any action in years. Decades, maybe. The Rallye 350 was a special edition Cutlass. Click here for a link to the brochure which outlines all of its special features.

Jim Corbran • YouAutoKnow

This Modern World: The Right-Wing House of Fear

If the Zombie Apocalypse actually happened

A photographic glimpse of the everyday  lives of the living dead

Photos by Sarah Barry, Special thanks to Greg Hinaman

Thanks to our Zombie models Greg Hinaman, Patricia Crowe, Josh Ibach, Chris Moo, Kara Kenney, Anne Marie Nelson, and Kreepie. 
Additional thanks to Triple Play Sports Bar, K-More Ferry Express #3, Kenmore Wash N’ Fold, Kenmore Lanes, Salon Rouge.


Upcoming Terror Technologies Zombie Events for Charity

For more info visit

  • October 24 – Cub Scouts Spook-O-Ree – West Seneca
  • October 25 – Special Olympics rUNDEAD 5K – Niagara University
  • October 25 – Noche De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) – District Bar on Pearl
  • October 31 – Halloween Soiree WNY Largest Party – The Grapevine
  • November 1 – Special Olympics rUNDEAD 5K – Rochester
  • November 21 – Spare the Zombies Moonlight Bowling – Kenmore Lanes
  • December 11 – UNYTS Ugly Xmas Sweater Blood Drive – 96 Niagara St Tonawanda
  • Feb. 13 – Official Valentines Vampire’s Masquerade Ball The Millennium Hotel

Weppner Disrespects Canada’s Fallen

Just a few weeks ago, tea party stereotype Kathy “Infected Poors” Weppner tried to raise funds off the severed head of an American journalist brutally slaughtered by the ISIS death cult

Yesterday, a terror attack was carried out in Ottawa, Canada and details are still rolling in. It’s likely to have been perpetrated by some homegrown death cult wannabes. But not one to let a good tragedy go to waste, Weppner wanted to score political points off the deaths of a Canadian serviceman.  

I don’t even know what that means. That Canadians don’t want to “protect themselves”? That their sane and rational gun control laws render them unprepared to handle some random homicidal lunatic? 

Also, “Canadiens” is a team, “Canadians” describes the residents of the country of Canada in English. 


But despite a uniformly negative reaction to Weppner’s poorly considered and misspelled Tweet, she doubled down, as she does.  

Most savvy politicians or compassionate, human people would express sympathy and outrage at the murder of a Canadian serviceman, shot dead while ceremoniously guarding the nation’s Cenotaph.  Not our Kathy, though.  She sees this as part of the gun-hugging cause. 

Incidentally, the closest thing we have in the US to the Cenotaph is the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetary. 

The tomb guards in Virginia, USA carry M14 rifles with ceremonial stocks.  The weapons are kept unloaded. Here’s a message to Kathy Weppner and tragedy trolls like her: 

Kathy Weppner is morally depraved, and it’s shocking that she’s endorsed by anyone, except people like Carl Paladino. 

The Borscht Belt Debate

Courtesy WNED and CBS2 New York

Despite Brian Meyer’s desperate efforts to keep the format tight and moving, it was unwieldy. With four gubernatorial candidates being provided with equal time, it seemed at times that Cuomo and Astorino were afterthoughts. After all, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and Libertarian Party candidate Michael McDermott threw some good ideas at people last night at WNED’s studio.

McDermott liked to cut through the BS and had one of the best answers about fracking; that his philosophy was that it was important to wait and see what it does to the environment, because you’re allowed to do on your property whatever you want unless it harms someone else. For his part, Hawkins gave super-liberals the red meat they crave – single-payer, a hard no on fracking, social justice, funding for mass transit. 

Alas, Hawkins and McDermott don’t have a credible chance. 

The format gave candidates one minute to answer questions that often seemed to run on for twice that time, and then occasionally a 30 second rebuttal. One of the problems with contemporary political speech is that we’re too reliant on dopey ads and sound bites, and this sort of debate-by-one-liner exacerbates the situation. No one watched that and learned anything. It treated us like dumb assholes, and yet again we’ll get the Albany government we’ll deserve. 

Take my wife, please. 

Republican Rob Astorino came out swinging at Andrew Cuomo, and didn’t get an opportunity to tell us very much about what he’d do. Cuomo gave as good as he got. It was a good time, but not at all a substantive one. 

Where did you get your haircut, the pet shop?

Here’s how it went, as it went along. 

Kathy Weppner on ISIS and Ebola

The silly radio lady – our own politically backward version of Mariann from Brooklyn, Kathy “Infected Poors” Weppner – is following up her big May hit, “Stop Common Core in NY” with this doozy that links together Islam, ISIS, and Ebola.

Remember – this is a serious candidate for Congress. Not a joke. Not at all. Now, on with the countdown. 

Kathy Weppner on ISIS and Ebola and Islam

AV Photo Daily

Filed under: Photo of the Day
items in Buffalopundit: AV Photo Daily More in Buffalopundit: AV Photo Daily pool

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