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Slim and No Chance of Mayoral Control of School Board–It’s Just Another Farce

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By Carl Paladino

As it stands now the chances of Mayoral control of the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) are 1 in 10. 
If it were to pass State government, it will never survive in the courts. 
The lack of basic understanding of constitutional law by Byron Brown and Darius Pridgen is astounding. What if every time we disagreed with one of their decisions we threw them out of office?
As for Wilmers, Koelmel, White and the group of 18 liberal elitists trying to manipulate from behind the curtain, this loss will show that they and the Board of Education (BOE) minority (former majority) have become irrelevant as leaders in this community.  In the past they gave us three incompetent carpetbaggers as Superintendents who came with no institutional knowledge and talked big but didn’t have the ability or gut to stand up to those parasites who breed off of the power and money of the BPS.  
How many additional family members are Grass Roots and Crystal Peoples looking to put on the BPS payroll? She already has two no-shows on the Municipal Housing Authority.  
She also wants to set quotas to replace the merit system with a race based system to destroy what is left of morale in the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS.). 
The cowardly conspiracy of Black elected and not elected leaders, union leadership and private business people to maintain the status quo for their own empowerment with no regard for the thousands of children now held hungry and uneducated, circling the drain, as captives in the cycle of poverty, is solely for the purpose of providing the voting base for liberal candidates. 
It is no secret that that ineffective leadership in the past resulted in the generational dysfunction of the BPS that we suffer today. 
“Mayoral Control” is an act of desperation, similar to the incompetent minority Board members who, for lack of any articulate, intelligent argument, comment or solution on an issue, blurt the race card. 
This attempt to remove from office reform minded Board members, elected specifically to change the direction of the BPS, is an affront to the taxpayers and parents of Buffalo and an unconstitutional abuse, illustrating only the desperation of those whose watch has ended. 

Oops! Best of Buffalo misprint!

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Lexington Food Coop, the winner of Best of Buffalo’s Best Produce award, politely pointed out to us that the print version of Artvoice listed Wegmans as the winner for Best Produce. We also heard that when the Coop announced their win it was being disputed on social media. To be clear: Wegmans did NOT win Best Produce; that was an error in our print edition. That award went to the Lexington Food Coop and we’re pleased to see that local independent business can still compete and win against giant companies.

This Modern World: Critical Reactions


Photo Gallery: Best of Buffalo Awards Party

Best of Buffalo 2015  (19 of 27)

Photos by Julie C. Foser from the 2015 Best of Buffalo Awards party, held this past Monday, May 18th. See more Julie’s work at her website,

Congratulations again to all our winners! If you missed this year’s results, you can find them on the Best of Buffalo home page.

Texas to Texans: Shut Up and Take It

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, front center, signs a fracking bill into law at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, Monday, May 18, 2015. Abbott has signed into law a prohibition on cities and towns imposing local ordinances preventing fracking and other potentially environmentally harmful oil and natural gas activities. (Rodolfo Gonzalez/Austin American-Statesman via AP)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, front center, signs a fracking bill into law at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, Monday, May 18, 2015. Abbott has signed into law a prohibition on cities and towns imposing local ordinances preventing fracking and other potentially environmentally harmful oil and natural gas activities. (Rodolfo Gonzalez/Austin American-Statesman via AP)

What happens when energy companies own a state legislature? You get new laws like the one just passed in Texas that prohibits municipalities from instituting bans on high-volume horizontal fracking. The law reverses a ban adopted by the city of Denton, TX in November.

This comes just weeks after a study by the University of Texas at Austin showed that the majority of Americans are in favor of municipalities having the right to ban fracking.

And hats off to the city of Waco, TX! They’ve now enjoyed two days without a  bloody melee. They’d managed 22 years since the Branch Davidian Siege, where 76 people died.


Best of Buffalo 2015 Winners List


Miss our annual Best of Buffalo party at the Town Ballroom on Monday night? Find your 2015 Best of Buffalo winners here! A big thank you all who came out to the party, to our nominees who brought food to sample and entertained the crowds, and of course, thanks again to the thousands of you that participated in this year’s poll.

We’ll have a final wrap-up of Best of Buffalo 2015 on Thursday, in this week’s upcoming issue. If you’d like to review all the nominees, or take a look at the nominees and winners from prior years in the archives, visit the Best of Buffalo home page for more.

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Read the Federal Criminal Complaint Against Skelos

Dean-and-Adam-Skelos-300x194Click here to read the sealed criminal complaint in the matter of the United States of America v. former NYS Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son Adam Skelos—for committing fraud, extortion and bribery. It’s an action packed 43 pages.

Click here for the story of how Skelos allegedly pressured the health department to come up with favorable findings that would help argue for fracking in New York.

Seven months ago he was saying: “Fracking is the answer.”

Turns out that statement was true—provided the question was: “Your son made over $200,000 from a company affiliated with which corrupt industry?”



The Steam Donkeys Present: A Scary Home Companion

This Saturday (5/16) at the Sportsmen’s Tavern, the Steam Donkeys—a Buffalo-based musical act and global think tank—will present the first live broadcast of their new radio program entitled A Scary Home Companion. Combining down home humor with a sprinkling of satirical social commentary, the show will feature original skits like “The Lives of the Plowboys”—which will follow the adventures of Rusty and Righty, two corn pone country youth. Another bit is called “Guy Boudoir: Private Dick”—which will be a send-up of old film noir and radio dramas.

“We wanted to try something completely new and fresh,” said Steam Donkeys front man and spokesperson, Buck Quigley, before a large group of entertainment reporters. “Music will of course remain a big part of the show. As a matter of fact, this week’s guests will be none other than the fabulous Irving Klaws. But we’ll also be featuring a segment called ‘The News from Lake Snobegon,’ where I’ll report on the humorous and heartwarming events in the small fictional town.”

via the facebooks

Campy, much?

Quigley was then peppered with a flurry of questions from the press:

“Could you tell us what, exactly, is new and original about this radio show?”

“This is a joke, right?”

“Aren’t you afraid you will be sued?”

Unrattled, Quigley responded to his critics: “Look, we’re gonna try it. If it works, it works. If the radio show bombs, we will be trying out our new television project the following afternoon, when we open up for the pride of London (ON), the Rizdales.”

The Rizdales are touring in support of their latest release entitled Blue Ain’t The Word – A Tribute To The Music of Ray Price.


Quigley says the TV program will take the form of an old-fashioned variety show, with lots of country music, dumb jokes, beautiful women lounging around or jumping up and down in calico halter tops and a salute to Quigley’s hometown of Grampian, Pennsylvania, population 356.

“We’re calling it Hoo Haw,” he says.

Saturday night’s radio show begins with the Steam Donkeys at 8:30pm; followed by the Irving Klaws at 10:30pm.

Sunday’s (5/17) television broadcast starts with the Steam Donkeys at 4pm, followed by the Rizdales. Both acts will be joined by a cavalcade of guests including Dee Adams, Dwane Hall, Carl Eddy, and Jim Whitford.

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