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How Does Your Buffalo Councilmember Rank On Raising Substantive Issues?

posted August 3, 1:15 am on Artvoice Daily

An important part of being a leader is taking the initiative to propose ideas. Every two weeks elected members of the Buffalo Common Council have the ability to file a resolution on any topic they want, have it discussed and voted on at a City Council meeting... (more)

Artists Seen: Portraits of Artists In The 21st Century

posted July 31, 12:09 pm on Artvoice Daily

The title of this post is the title of an ambitious project being undertaken by local photographer David Moog at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Click here to learn all about it. Photography by David Moog / Courtesy Burchfield Penney Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting for the photograph you see here... (more)

WNY VegFest This Sunday In Delaware Park

posted July 31, 11:07 am on Artvoice Daily

By Melissa Meyer As far back as the 19th century there were events and gatherings with names like Vegetarian Congress, Vegetarian Week and Vegetarian Conference. Most of them featured music and art along with expressing adherence to a vegetarian diet... (more)

Get Involved in the 198 Debate

posted July 30, 3:16 pm on Artvoice Daily

Click here if you’re interested in the future of the Scajaquada Expressway.

Looking Back at the 1960’s: Academic Portraits – Part 3, A Smoking Jacket

posted July 30, 2:00 pm on Artvoice Daily

Although most faculty dressed casually, shabbiness raised to the level of acceptable academic convention, I still, from time to time, wore a three piece suit. One colleague, who shall remain nameless, as he himself preferred to be (so no one would interrupt him during office hours when he would be working on indecipherable poems), wore the same tweed jacket for twenty years; and, since he smoked a pipe which burned as fiendishly as the old Bethlehem Bessemers, his jacket-cum-patches smelled as if it been aged in Fitzgerald’s “valley of ashes... (more)

BUFFALOVE Video Captures Beauty and Spirit of the Queen City

posted July 29, 5:02 pm on AV Film Blog

  Buffalo filmmaker Travis Carlson is proud to present his new video Buffalove, a moving tribute to the Queen City.  In just a little over a minute, Carlson’s striking compositions capture a young woman’s journey through some of Buffalo’s most iconic vistas and locales, effectively conveying what makes our city of good neighbors special... (more)

Uncle Ben’s Remedy: What to Expect from our 2015 Art Boom Competition Winners By Nina Lapres

posted July 24, 3:12 pm on Exit Music

Photo By Lee Hoffman   For an alternative pop-rock concert like 107.7’s Kerfuffle, one of the least likely genres to see coming out of the Buffalo Festival would be a band with an overwhelming Country/Bluegrass sound... (more)

Staycation: Day (or Two) Trips, Destinations 2+ Hours Away

posted July 22, 3:01 pm on Artvoice Daily

Seward House Historical Museum in Auburn, NY It’s that time of year again: summer vacation. Unfortunately for many of us, due to finances, work, school, kids, or just an overall lack of free time, the ‘vacation’ part of summer may not fit into the equation... (more)

Looking Back at the 1960’s: Academic Portraits – Part 2, The Wobbly Chair

posted July 22, 12:00 pm on Artvoice Daily

It did seem at some critical moments in the 1960’s that the Humanities as we had known them were seriously imperiled. On my own campus at The State University of New York at Buffalo, a smoke-bomb was rolled into the office of the Chair who never recovered from this dangerous assault upon the integrity and assumed autonomy of the Groves of Academe, the Ivory Tower, and the Halls of Ivy (even though we taught in temporary trailers and surplus Quonset huts)... (more)

Staycation: A Little Farther, Destinations 1-2 Hours Away

posted July 21, 1:43 pm on Artvoice Daily

Seneca Iroquois Museum It’s that time of year again: summer vacation. Unfortunately for many of us, due to finances, work, school, kids, or just an overall lack of free time, the ‘vacation’ part of summer may not fit into the equation... (more)

The Campaign That Never Was: Fumbling the Green Line

posted July 20, 10:07 am on Artvoice Daily

When last we tuned into the Adventures of Poloncarz and Zellner Taking Over the Green Party, our intrepid exploiters were ready to snatch the fourth ballot line from the pathetic local Greens all over Erie County... (more)

Staycation: Greater Rochester Area

posted July 19, 3:45 pm on Artvoice Daily

The Strong National Museum of Play If you’re looking for a true staycation, look no further than an hour down the thruway to Rochester. This city has museums, history of national importance, and plenty of other entertainment venues for when you feel like you want to travel somewhere not as far as out of state, but further than what can be considered “Buffalo... (more)