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An Interview With “The Look of Silence” Director Joshua Oppenheimer

posted November 24, 6:06 am on AV Film Blog

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Joshua Oppenheimer is one of the most important filmmakers in the world right now. The director’s Oscar-nominated The Act of Killing addressed the Indonesian Genocide of the 1960s from the point of view of the perpetrators, giving audiences one of the most acclaimed documentary films of the 21st […]

5 ways you can recycle old, outdated clothing in your closet, from fashion trend expert Kimberli MacKay of Brother International

posted November 20, 12:20 pm on Artvoice Daily

The average American woman wears 30 different outfits each month (up from 9 in 1930)… but her closet is filled with endless items of clothing that are never worn. With National Recycling Day right around the corner, Here are 5 ways you can recycle old, outdated clothing in your closet, from fashion trend expert Kimberli MacKay National Recycling Day is a great time to take a second look at what we’ve got in our closets! Rather than shopping for a whole new outfit, here are some ways to bring some of the older items into your closet into this year’s fashion! The simplest of sewing machines can help you give your wardrobe a simple uplift! 1... (more)

This Modern World: Sizzling Hot Takes

posted November 19, 3:03 pm on Artvoice Daily

Steam Donkeys Host Global Think Tank Fundraiser Saturday Night

posted November 19, 12:44 pm on Artvoice Daily

The Steam Donkeys, a Buffalo-based musical act and global think tank, will be hosting a fundraiser for the organization this Saturday night (11/21) at the Sportsmen’s Tavern. The event will begin with a performance by Akron, Ohio-based Americana group Hey Mavis... (more)

Lake Effect Furies Announce 2016 Rosters; 4th Annual “We All Brawl” Expo A Success

posted November 17, 2:11 pm on Artvoice Daily

Rosi vs. Bricks. 4th Annual “We All Brawl” Expo 2015. Credit: CK Photographic Systems (Chris Kalisiak) The Queen City Roller Girls 10th anniversary season unofficially kicked off with a bang last Saturday at Buffalo Riverworks with the 4th Annual “We All Brawl” Expo Bout... (more)

Buffalo Chamber Players at the AK on 11-19-15

posted November 16, 12:19 pm on Artvoice Daily

Buffalo Chamber Players (Photo by Luke Copping) The Buffalo Chamber Players made the move from their former home at the Buffalo Seminary to the Albright Knox this season, and based on the record attendance at their season opening concert last September, the move has been a huge success... (more)

This Modern World: GOP Dream Debate

posted November 12, 5:48 pm on Artvoice Daily

A Veteran’s Day Poem

posted November 11, 11:00 am on Artvoice Daily

AND THERE WERE THOSE, WHO NEVER SURRENDERED There were those who sacrificed everything for the freedom of this land They fought, resisted, declined what fate gave They persisted, had faith, they lifted the blanket of despair They made their own choice; to live, -FREEDOM- If that’s not possible; to die, paying the price for freedom They were willingly risking their lives, gambling to be free They were trying to make the impossible reality; to be free There were among them, the young, quickly turning into men There were the women, frail, but just as much as a man There was rejuvenation of the old, worn, tired men Together they became one, the best of fighting men   They’ve invited the world to watch, to see, to hear Freedom for us, Freedom for all is near Those of you with a mighty fist Show up now, at least in spirit, be in our midst Come help us and we will share, let you reap The benefits of freedom that our blood has sown Come help, show solidarity and make this revolt your very own If freedom is to be and it is to be It will have to be for both you and me I am ready to give back to God the most precious gift he has given to me My life, no matter how precious, is worthless if I am not free   And there were those, who never surrendered I want to be among those who this way will be remembered But if God keeps me alive and encourages me to continue to strive For a better world, where freedom shines, I’ll promise, I will fight I will dedicate everything to this noble cause, including my life So this promise is for those, who never surrendered I will remember you and respect you, I render It’s sad that you can’t be here The bells of freedom toll for all to hear   Not in all lands, not yet, not totally You will have some new faces, new friends for company In that internal brotherhood, in a heavenly nation Without limitation and discrimination Your council I seek for freedom’s re-distribution And when there will be no need to “NEVER SURRENDER” And still we cherish the memory of those not surrendered When we have freedom for all, here in all lands We might not wish to rush to join you since living is no longer hell And we can count on eternity to catch up with us, sooner or later   By Eugene Laszlo Hegedus Eugene László Hegedüs was a 17-year-old student in Győr, Hungary, when he had to escape in November 1956... (more)

Buffalo Green Code Open House This Saturday

posted November 9, 11:25 am on Artvoice Daily

Click here for a PDF version of the invite to the six-hour marathon meeting on a Saturday.

U.S. Says No to Keystone XL Pipeline

posted November 6, 1:33 pm on Artvoice Daily

Here’s President Obama’s statement: THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release November 6, 2015 STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENTON THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE Roosevelt Room 11:58 A... (more)

The City of Light lives up to its name

posted November 6, 11:50 am on Artvoice Daily

A beautiful nighttime shot of a couple taking in the view of Canalside from across the water.  Photographer Glenn Murray captures the beauty of Buffalo.  See more of his work at glennmurray.smugnug... (more)

Silo City All Lit Up (Photographs by Glen Murray)

posted November 5, 2:50 pm on Artvoice Daily

A bunch of grain Silos never looked so pretty.  Thanks to Glen Murray ( for these great shots!

Witches Ball 2015 Photos by Cheryl Gorski and Chris Alfiero

posted November 5, 2:06 pm on Artvoice Daily

  Photographers Cheryl Gorski ( and Chris Alfiero bring us their second installment of this past weekend’s Witches Ball.  See anyone you know?