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YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted April 17, 12:00 am on Artvoice Daily

The other night we watched, for the umpteenth time, Bye Bye Birdie on TCM. In a great stretch, Paul Lynde played a married man with two kids , and one of my favorite scenes was with him and the family singing about going on The Ed Sullivan Show... (more)

Elmira Jackals sign on as Sabres affiliate

posted April 16, 3:38 pm on Artvoice Daily

Fans in south central part of New York State have endured their own version of “suffering”, as their Elmira Jackals of the East Coast Hockey League have fallen to the bottom of their league standings this year, just two years removed from being at the top of the ECHL under their then Craig Rivet led […]

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted April 16, 12:00 am on Artvoice Daily

           It’s not often I’ll throw in the towel trying to find out what something in one of our pics is, but this is one of those times. I took this one in Tonawanda some time ago. It’s a Japanese (I assume) Kei class truck, or micro truck if you will... (more)

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted April 15, 12:00 am on Artvoice Daily

          Plug “Ford Aspire” into Wikipedia and it offers to take you to the Ford Festiva page (not to be confused with the Ford Fiesta). That’s how much respect the Aspire has garnered over the years... (more)

Bisons split with PawSox, Francisco new secret weapon

posted April 14, 11:39 am on Artvoice Daily

Yesterday at Coca Cola Field, the Buffalo Bisons had just tied the game at five with the Pawtucket Red Sox in the bottom of the 9th. There were runners on second and third with two outs, and Bisons’ first baseman Juan Francisco was stepping to the plate... (more)

Author and Musician Wesley Stace to Speak at Nichols School

posted April 14, 9:09 am on Artvoice Daily

This Wednesday, April 16, Wesley Stace will speak and perform at Nichols School at 7pm.  Stace is the author of three novels, the most recent of which, Wonderkid, has received extensive praise from many prominent critics including Lucinda Rosenfeld, who, writing in the New York Times, called the book “hilarious…winningly dry [and] marvelously drawn... (more)

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted April 14, 12:00 am on Artvoice Daily

          Finally got around to watching the PBS special The Dave Clark Five and Beyond – Glad All Over the other night. Although I learned a few things I hadn’t known, the two-hour show was about an hour longer than it needed to be... (more)

WBEN: Fascism Advocacy

posted April 13, 8:09 am on Artvoice Daily

Over the next week, consider for a moment that the radio station that brings you the traffic and weather together in the morning, along with a roster of commentators whose extremism builds as the day rolls along... (more)

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted April 13, 12:00 am on Artvoice Daily

          I’m a fan of the new system for the posting of a “Dead End” sign right on the pole beneath the street name’s sign. However, many are still marked the old way, meaning you don’t know it’s a dead end until you’ve already made the turn... (more)

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted April 12, 12:00 am on Artvoice Daily

          I’ve said it before — they ain’t always pretty! These two early-1970s Chevy Monte Carlos look like maybe, maybe, they’re hoping someday, somehow, to make one good one out the the two... (more)

Guns, Mental Health, and Fascism

posted April 11, 7:30 am on Artvoice Daily

1. If you went on the Facebook to try and politicize the stabbing of kids in Pennsylvania, using it as a springboard for a “debate” about gun control,  implicitly mocking and defaming the 20 1st grader victims of Sandy Hook – you’re doing everything wrong... (more)

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted April 11, 12:00 am on Artvoice Daily

          From back in the day when men were men, women were women, and trucks were… trucks! (What’d you think I was going to say?!) This 1957 Chevy 3600 Stepside 3/4-ton pickup hearkens back to the days when people bought pickups to actually throw stuff into the back of... (more)

Watching the big boys in Buffalo – J.A. Happ

posted April 10, 10:52 pm on Artvoice Daily

Getting the opportunity to get a glimpse of the major league players play for the minor league team as part of an injury rehabilitation can be an extra special treat when going to Buffalo Bisons games... (more)