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YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted July 31, 12:01 am on Artvoice Daily

Yesterday’s weather notwithstanding, we are in the midst of camping season here in WNY, so I’m hoping the owner of this 1974 VW Westphalia camper is getting good use out of it. Should they ever find themselves lost while on a hike in the woods, this Cliff Green paint job ought to act like a […]


posted July 30, 5:16 pm on Artvoice Daily

Look for the Artvoice Fashion Issue, coming soon! Photo by Sarah Barry

Kathy Weppner and the “Infected Poors”

posted July 30, 7:31 am on Artvoice Daily

  On Tuesday, western New York’s most unintentionally hilarious congressional candidate left her mic’s windscreen at home, and held a press conference near the Peace Bridge to draw attention to things she’s largely made up about America’s southern border... (more)

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted July 30, 12:01 am on Artvoice Daily

Although I usually root for the old car which has been pretty much left showroom stock, every once in a while something comes along which is so well done I give it a thumbs-up. Like this 1955 Plymouth Belvedere Suburban... (more)

Summertime Tea

posted July 29, 3:49 pm on Chew on This

It’s summertime, and there’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled glass of iced tea. Knowing how to prepare homemade iced tea is both inexpensiveand useful, especially if you’re averse to buying sugary bottled teas from the convenience store... (more)

What I’m Reading Now

posted July 29, 6:56 am on Artvoice Daily

Hey, it’s summertime in Buffalo, where both irony and cynicism are dead. So, I have nothing to tell you except to point you in the direction of things I’ve been reading lately:  1. Kyiv Post: Pro-Ukraine English-language compendium of news & views about the Ukraine – Russia war... (more)

Cuomo Engages In Dirty Campaign Tactics

posted July 29, 12:07 am on Artvoice Daily

There is nothing scarier than a politician with a huge ego and an obsession to win re-election big to set themselves up for a shot at higher office. In New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by all accounts was going to win re-election as Governor last year... (more)

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted July 29, 12:01 am on Artvoice Daily

You’ve gotta love the brochure copy for this 1947 Chrysler New Yorker Club Coupe: “Perhaps you, too, have noticed  how many Chrysler cars you see with a woman at the wheel — serenely confidant — justifiably proud — enjoying every minute of it... (more)

Infringement Festival: What’s Gone On

posted July 28, 4:06 pm on Artvoice Daily

Here are some images from this year’s Infringement Festival by photographer joshua underscore: Bourbon & Coffee at Nietzsche’s 7/24.   Infringement Opening Parade on Allen St. on 7/24   Anal Pudding at Nietzsche’s on 7/25


posted July 28, 1:00 pm on Artvoice Daily

Look for the Artvoice Fashion Issue, coming soon! Photo by Karina Lopez of KC You There.  

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted July 28, 12:01 am on Artvoice Daily

Saw this 1956 Chevrolet Two-Ten four-door Friday night on our way home from an evening in Downtown Buffalo. Naturally I went back the next day to take pics. The Two-Ten was the middle child in the ’56 Chevy lineup, between the stark One-Fifty (and no, these model names make no sense to me either) and the spiffy […]

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted July 27, 1:10 am on Artvoice Daily

You could, if you wanted to, buy a Pontiac 6000 coupe from model years 1982-88. The entire 6000 line was discontinued after the 1991 models. For me anyway, the 6000 is the most-forgotten of GM’s front-drive mid-sized cars from the ’80s and ’90s even though it wasn’t the first to disappear — that distinction goes to the Chevrolet […]

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted July 26, 12:17 am on Artvoice Daily

Station wagons are in these days as collectibles, and, why not? I’d buy one — maybe even one like this 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon which I followed through the Tonawandas yesterday before it came to rest here... (more)

PHOTOS: Night Shift featuring Igloo Music and DJ Dovey

posted July 25, 10:50 am on Exit Music

PHOTOS: Night Shift featuring Igloo Music and DJ Dovey Photos by Michael Nico Nostro We had a blast for the fourth edition of Night Shift at Allen Street Hardware on 7/18. Looks like you all had a blast too... (more)